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Daily Show returns; liberals resume Jon Stewart worship!/MrBloItByDaO/status/504465258069913601


Apparently the summer break gave Jon Stewart’s writers the opportunity to craft a monologue that would be a real hit with the regular audience.  They really broke some new ground too by attacking Fox News.!/WonderfulwomanK/status/504470252403830785!/AgathaC80/status/504470153749602304!/MissyDeyo/status/504467030666649600!/DRusso97/status/504466597235675136!/wjcarter/status/504466155764211712

“KILLED” and “on fire” probably not the best choice of words.!/politicoroger/status/504466111635939328

^^^That’s the guy who said Governor Rick Perry was sending the National Guard to the border to shoot small children, by the way. A real truth teller.!/lordhelmet832/status/504472264621187072

Spouting liberal talking points to a liberal audience. No wonder they love him.

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