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Fed up! Obama snubs journos again, press not pleased; Major Garrett spanks!/chucktodd/status/491555694919700480

Aww, snubbed again! Unrequited love, it hurts. You see, as Twitchy reported, the most transparent administration evah denied access to the press for Obama’s Apollo 11 photo op.!/JimAcostaCNN/status/491561047069696000

Get it now, press?

CBS’ Major Garrett, a journalist who refuses to be a lapdog, didn’t take it lying down.!/Hadas_Gold/status/491624737052065792

More from Politico:

CBS News’ Major Garrett lodged the complaint during the press briefing on Tuesday. Only still photographers were allowed into the meeting for a pool spray.

“The astronauts were among the most visible, televised national heroes this country has ever known, that entire program was finances by the American taxpayer. Stills presentation of that limits television coverage of that event we believe that is a classic definition of something that should have the broadest press coverage imaginable, and we are therefore lodging a complaint against your decision to keep us out,” Garrett said.!/ASimendinger/status/491615691976364032

ABC’s Jon Karl let the administration have it as well.!/JessicaHeddings/status/491614402798698497

And offered a reason for the lack of access.!/chrisjohnson82/status/491615953315459072

Hmm. Funny that.


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