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Jim Geraghty wonders if he heard CNN report about Michelle Obama correctly


National Review’s Jim Geraghty might have been wondering if his ears deceived him, but they didn’t.

Here’s a short video from a CNN report today discussing Michelle Obama’s plans after leaving the White House, followed by a partial transcript:

Partial transcript:

CNN reporter: Politics is not for her. She’s never liked it although she’s good at it. Um, she talked about wanting to be a mentor, wanting to travel, finally see the Hoover Dam…

Michelle Obama detailed her Hoover Dam wish in a recent interview:

And she says by 70, she’d like to be traveling — to remote castles in Ireland, on rafting trips and to the Hoover Dam, which she said she hasn’t seen.

“I have flown into an airport, done an event and left, but I want to stay and have a meal, try the local dish and shop in a little shop,” she said.

You’d think somebody who just spent 24 days in Hawaii could find the time and means to visit the Hoover Dam.


Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/01/15/michelle-obama-looks-forward-to-what-jim-geraghty-wonders-if-he-heard-cnn-correctly-video/

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