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MSNBC ridiculed for Cliven Bundy-inspired Venn diagram of the Right!/Girarduino/status/459429619880718336

Today on MSNBC, during a discussion about rancher Cliven Bundy’s ignorant and offensive comments about African-Americans, host Alex Wagner took a “one brush fits all” approach and showed a Venn diagram that supposedly outlines the makeup of the right side of the political sphere:!/FreeBeacon/status/459424853477425152

Well that pretty much settles things, MSNBC-style.!/lachlan/status/459424904417648640

MSNBC sourced the graphic to an article at The Wire. The article quotes Bundy’s comments about race, and then makes those views representative of much of the right side of the aisle. And we thought it was bad to generalize.!/guypbenson/status/459427684184236032!/pdugas2000/status/459428338231418884

Here’s a brief video featuring the Venn diagram from Wagner’s show:

The “real journalists” at MSNBC strike again.!/cmorganMO/status/459427656992190464!/thebaldtruth/status/459425747908976640

Others weighed in with different versions. Is this what MSNBC was really trying to say?!/LizWFB/status/459427494806839296

Wagner wouldn’t have any objection to also showing these Venn diagrams of the Left and MSNBC, would she?!/cjciaramella/status/459433421626814464!/Neoavatara/status/459429326341951489



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