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No apology from MSNBC for claim ‘conservatives’ attacked biracial family



In a now-deleted tweet, MSNBC predicted “the rightwing” would hate a cute Cheerios ad featuring a biracial family. MSNBC executive editor Richard Wolffe absurdly claimed that his race-baiting network’s race-baiting tweet was “not who we are at MSNBC.”


MSNBC may have issued an apology for the tweet — the network’s totally sorry it got caught — but what about the article to which it linked?


When first published, the article included this sentence (emphasis ours):


Before MSNBC apologized for its repulsive tweet, it quietly memory-holed that version of the text. Here’s how it appears now:

The breakfast cereal’s new Super Bowl ad features the same fictional biracial family that sparked a backlash last year.

Oh, so there wasn’t a “conservative” backlash? Minds. Blown.

Here’s the even more telling part: MSNBC didn’t bother apologizing for that smear of conservatives. No retraction, no correction statement, no acknowledgment of the foul accusation. The slimy, sneaky editors just tried to disappear the evidence after conservatives turned up the heat.

Too bad Gateway Pundit has screenshots, huh guys?

You can also view MSNBC’s intended message in the article synopsis embedded in the next two screenshots:


Go ahead and own this blurb, MSNBC: “Cheerios’ new Super Bowl ad features the same fictional biracial family that sparked a conservative backlash last year.”


Where’s the faux-pology for that? Oh, right. There isn’t one because that hateful, lying bilge is what MSNBC is all about.

Sorry, MSNBC. Love wins.


According to this screenshot, the original MSNBC article also predicted “an outcry from the right.”


The phrase “from the right” has been removed from MSNBC.com.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/01/30/slimy-msnbc-fails-to-apologize-for-deleted-claim-of-conservative-backlash-against-biracial-family/

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