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13 Hilariously Adorable Tooth Fairy Notes From Kids

Kids just wanna get rich.

1. All the makings of a future lawyer.

2. Meanwhile, here we have a future philanthropist.

Dear tooth fairy what is your name and how old are you love Thandi
PS I got you a present

3. This kid is definitely going to be very, very rich one day.

4. This child is so considerate.

Dear tooth fairy,
My new teeth just grew in, and might still be growing sow [so] dont come by soon.
Yours truly, Lucas

5. She at least said “please.”

6. This kid wants the Tooth Fairy to see the results of his hard work.

Dear tooth fairy I will try to leave my mouch [mouth] open tonight. I promise not to [?] you, OK. So you can see my gap.

7. This little girl is just using good negotiation tactics — always ask for more than you know you’ll get.


8. This kid just wanted Tooth Fairy to know.

Dear tooth fairy
I lost my tooth today I thot it was in my pizza dough but it was’ent I just wanted you to know

9. This child either has no clue or has all the clues.

Dear tooth fairy
I lost my 1st tooth but I swallowed it. Sorry.
Love A.J.
P.S. Maybe you can get it later

10. “Not to be hard but I need money” — World’s Most Hilarious Kid

11. Yet another child with ambitious financial hopes. And parents who are more realistic.

Dear Tooth fairy could i please have [crossed out 10-20] 1-6 dollers Pleeeease i’ll do anything. Love you tooth fairy
P.S. could you give my dogs, fish something

12. This girl will grow up to be a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist. Notice how she asks questions multiple times.

13. This youngster is a sneaky one indeed. Why get a dollar from the tooth fairy now when you know where her pile of cash is?

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