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15 Kitties That Could Not Possibly Care Less About National Hug Your Cat Day

I am a firm believer that whether you end up being a cat person or a dog person is a game of opposites.

If I were one of the two, for example, I would be a cat. It takes me a hot second to warm up to people, I can go from zero to petty real quick when I’m crossed, and I keep my circle small. For that reason, I’m a dog person. I don’t need to live with a four-legged version of myself.

If you’re better at being a human than I am, then you probably love chilling with your cat. That being said, your cat probably doesn’t always love chilling with you. June 4 is National Hug Your Cat Day, so let’s pay funny homage to the kitties who really just don’t have time for our affections.

1. “You got me chicken. I clearly asked for salmon. You are useless.”

2. Cats and kids get along great…until they don’t.

3. Every damn time.

4. “Let me love you!” “Nah.”

5. “Oh, you bought me a new cat tree? TIME FOR MURDER.”

6. Glaring disapproval game on point.

7. The only thing cats love more than you petting them is you not petting them.

8. You can stroke the nice kitty’s head approximately six times before it’s time to die.

9. “Another Instagram photo, you say? Perfect. I will be sure to ruin it.”

10. I love when animals look at me through the twisted, distorted lens of disdain.

11. Netflix and NOPE.

12. They don’t always hate us! They’re actually quite fond of us approximately 35 seconds after we fall asleep.

13. “You know how I feel about a dirty litter box, gentle peasant.”

14. “Does this displease you? Good.”

15. Nothing says “adorable selfie” quite like bleeding to death.

They might not always be up for a cuddle session, but you have to admire their gusto. So what do you say? Will you risk death today to show your feline friend how much you care?

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