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15 People Admitted Heartbreaking Things Online That They Won’t Tell Their Loved Ones

All of us feel sad at one point or another in our lives, but for some, that feeling doesn’t go away.

When we don’t know how to ask for help or talk to the ones we love about our troubles, we bury that hurt inside and keep it a secret. It may be because we think people don’t care, or that they just wouldn’t understand. Sometimes, it’s easier to tell complete strangers how we’re really doing.

When a question was posted on Reddit asking what users won’t tell their friends or family, the thread quickly filled with honest responses, many of which are truly heartbreaking.

1. User heyathrowaway1234567 started with a simple, “I’m tired.”


Tired of my kids not listening. Tired of my wife’s depression/anxiety. Tired of having to clean the house every night. Tired of knowing what i should eat and not doing it. Tired of being overweight. Tired of the loneliness. Tired of shit at work not working. Tired of being worried what other people think about me and my decisions. Tired of staring blankly into the computer screen at night avoiding going to bed. Tired of not being happy.

I’m just tired.

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