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15 words grown men should never say





#WordsGrownMenShouldNeverSay can I borrow your skinny jeans? Mine are in the laundry.

— Not you (yay me!) (@LittleSlav) June 4, 2012

#WordsGrownMenShouldNeverSay 'Hehe and Tehe'

— Caesar (@Cemal94) June 4, 2012

#WordsGrownMenShouldNeverSay he's hot

— Robin (@robyypoo) June 4, 2012

#WordsGrownMenShouldNeverSay You're right honey, I am lost. Let me stop and ask for directions.

— Darth Intern (@DarkSideIntern) June 4, 2012

When do you turn 18? #WordsGrownMenShouldNeverSay

— GReeÑ TëA MAMii (@JanetFurtado) June 4, 2012


#WordsGrownMenShouldNeverSay I need to go peepee

— Jack (@IamJackyBlack) June 4, 2012

#WordsGrownMenShouldNeverSay I'm totally going to the Justin Bieber concert.

— Tyler Starr (@itsTylerStarr) June 4, 2012

#WordsGrownMenShouldNeverSay i love playing with children

— Bri Vitolo (@BriVitolo) June 4, 2012

#WordsGrownMenShouldNeverSay Soccer > Football

— Henry Schilling (@HenrySchilling) June 4, 2012

#WordsGrownMenShouldNeverSay – add me on facebook.

— Waj (@myconfusedface) June 4, 2012

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