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17 Pets Who Think They’re Humans When They Try To Help Out With Chores And Work

We rely on our adorable pets for a great deal of things…snuggles, love, and constant smiles when we get home from work, to name a few. But sometimes, they can take their “job” as human’s best friend a bit seriously. In fact, they occasionally take it upon themselves to just take a load off our plates when it comes to housework, homework, or just some end-of-day emails to the boss.

They’re so thoughtful…

1. “You call this a final draft?”

2. “I could do this in my sleep.”

3. “Are we out of milk? I’m on it!”

4. “I think we got everything on our list…”

5. She’s making money any way she knows how…those vet bills aren’t cheap!

6. This is a catboat if I’ve ever seen one.

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7. “The ‘shepherd’ position didn’t include this, guys.”

8. “Todd, are you on a work conference call in the bathroom?”

9. “Okay, I’m not looking…gimme my first vocab word.”

10. “While you revise those changes, I’m going to take a quick nap.”

11. “Great! Our annual board meeting is officially adjourned.”

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12. “Susan, I was expecting a more polished proposal.”

13. “What? I know money is tight, so I went out job hunting.”

14. “The dog training section is right around the corner and out the door.”

15. “Ring yourself up, I’m on my break.”

16. “But I just cleaned the toilet…!”

17. He insists on the customers giving him rides.

High five, everyone. You may not be super great when it comes to people work, but you’re way more adorable at it!

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