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17 Reasons Parents Freaking Love Target

“Do you need anything from Target?”

1. When you go without your kids it’s like a mini-vacation.


A glorious vacation where you can browse clothes, shoes, electronics, organizers, plus a million other things, and STILL pick up your kid in time.

2. There’s an energy booster to be had whenever you’re exhausted (which is basically always).

3. They have literally everything, so you always have an excuse to go.


Your partner: “We’re out of peanut butter.”
You: “BRB, Target.”

Your partner: “We’re out of lightbulbs.”
You: “BRB, Target.”

Your partner: “We’re out of—”

4. Going with your kids is awesome too, because you can keep them in line with promises of getting something at the dollar spot before you check out.

5. But if your kids happen to act up a little, it’s cool because there are lots of other parents there with their kids.

And everyone is smiling and happy, because Target.

6. These carts, which let you push two kids at once.

Seriously, why aren’t these carts everywhere?

7. The popcorn — drool — which somehow makes the shopping experience even more incredible.

Many Targets give it away for free to kids who are securely fastened into the cart!

8. The baby section is legit.

In fact, I’m pretty sure scientists somewhere did a study that showed babies love The Bullseye too. (Note: That probably isn’t true but it feels right.)

9. Their kid clothes are also super cute.

Friend: “Where did you find that adorable sweater vest?”
You: “It’s like you don’t even know me.”

10. They’ve got awesome shoes for the whole family.


Where else can you buy Elmo rain boots, running shoes, and heels ready for a night out?

11. The stocked toy section means you may never have to go to Toys ‘R’ Us again.

And with a new kid’s birthday party every week this is a godsend.

12. You don’t have to make a trip to an office supply store at back-to-school time either.

And when your kids go back to school you’ll go back to Target…a lot more often.

13. Red clearance stickers… hallelujah!

Some people say the 90% off displays are a myth, but they are wrong.

14. Speaking of saving, the REDcard makes you feel good about yourself every time you save 5%.

“I sure hope my family appreciates everything I’m doing for them here.” *sips latte*

15. You’re all about Market Pantry, because it’s cheap and means you can spend more money on stuff you don’t actually really need.

Not that you’d ever admit that’s why you buy it.

16. There is no better place to stock up for the holidays.

Valentine’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas… Tarjay’s got you covered.

17. But the best part is how productive you feel after picking up all the stuff your family needs.

Even if you did buy way more stuff than you should have.



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