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17 Times Pope Francis Was Adorable In The Philippines

If there’s one thing the Philippines wasn’t ready for during the Pontiff’s five-day visit, it was his extreme level of cuteness.

1. When the Papal plane arrived and he just couldn’t wait to see the Philippines so he peeked out the window.

2. When he disembarked the plane and this happened:

3. When he didn’t expect it to be this windy in the Philippines.

4. When he was welcomed by Pres. Aquino at the presidential palace and went out of his way to #BLESS this baby.

5. When he read “Do you love me?” from the gospel, and the crowd said “Yes!” and this was his reaction:

6. When he broke protocol and walked along Intramuros to visit these children. Look at that smile!

Pope Francis visited streetchildren after his mass in Manila. Photo from http://t.co/A2X9MrP1Ef #BlessedByThePope

— karadavid (@Kara David)

7. And when he stopped the motorcade to kiss this lucky baby on the head.

IDK who’s more adorable, honestly.

8. When he met with some families and gave them the “I love you” sign.

FRIENDSHIP GOAL 👬👬👬🙌 #WeLovePopeFrancis

— BobOngWords (@BOB ONGâ„¢)

9. When he talked about the statue of a sleeping St. Joseph on this desk in Rome and did this:

Our Pope Francis is such a cute person. 😊

— JamesLesther (@Lesther Jamesâ„¢)

10. And then he went to Tacloban and the first thing he did was flash this smile:

11. But then he had to cut his trip short because of bad weather so he told the dismayed crowd just what to do.

12. Remember the cap that flew away? He got it back, but then he did this:

13. When he asked for a selfie with these girls.

LOOK: Lucky girl #BlessedByThePope with selfie http://t.co/6xG0zpmdVI

— gmanews (@GMA News)

14. When he received a gift from this little girl and couldn’t believe it was for him.

15. When he didn’t care about the torrential rain and continued to bless these kids.

[email protected] stops the popemobile once in a while to kiss and bless children http://t.co/jfD8sraotQ #PopeInPH

— PhilstarNews (@Philstar.com)

16. Look at that PONCHO.

It was all worth it to see you smile in person Papa! â¤ï¸ Que me inspiras! I’ll miss you @Pontifex #WeLovePopeFrancis

— gelicganda_ (@Ge.)

17. And finally, when he gave his signature thumbs-up to about seven million Filipinos at Rizal Park.

Goodbye for now @Pontifex Papa Francis have a safe flight back HOME thank you for being with US 💛 #WeLovePopeFrancis

— rishtaduran (@Ï‘rᎥsh)

Thumbs up to you too, Lolo Kiko! Kita-kits!

Read more: http://www.buzzfeed.com/isabellelaureta/lolo-kiko

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