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19 Incredible Photos Of Dads In Delivery Rooms That’ll Bring Tears To Your Eyes

Though Father’s Day has come and gone this year, the love dads have for their babies never ends.

From seeing their little ones take their first breaths to watching them grow up and create families of their own, great dads are there for nearly every step of their children’s journeys through life — so what better way to celebrate them than go back to the moments they became parents?

Get those tissues ready, because it’s impossible not to tear up when you see these 19 touching photos of dads overcome with emotion in the delivery room.

1. “That tattoo on his chest was done after their first miscarriage, and now his daughter lies her sweet head against it. Both of them a reminder of triumph.”

2. The raw emotion captured here is beautiful.

3. That look of awe is something only your newborn can inspire.

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4. “I adore this image of my sweet husband. In the midst of pushing I told him (strongly) ‘Do not move!’ His head was the perfect resting spot for my foot. Throughout my entire pregnancy and birth he told me: I know you can do this. You’re going to be absolutely amazing. He’s been my rock again and again.”

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