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20 Animals That Really, Really Want To Help You With Your Garden

Animals don’t really have a good rap when it comes to gardening.

You spend hours planting your precious flowers and veggies — only to have your pesky cat or dog dig up all the fruits of your labor. What’s worse is when a wild critter takes up residence in your tomato plant, ruining everything. While you may think it’s best to keep your fur babies away from all things green, these adorable nuggets might make you change your mind. Why spend countless hours digging holes when your dog can do it for free in a matter of minutes?

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Here are 20 animals with green thumbs that just want to help out!

1. “Reporting for gardening duty, ma’am.”

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2. Just a quick water break, then it’s straight back to work.

3. That’s not a litter box, but this cat’s helping fertilize her owner’s plants.

4. This pooch spent most of the day chasing bees…which doesn’t exactly help in the gardening department, but at least he was trying!

5. Bunnies: the original weed whackers.

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6. This pooch was all about helping until Dad busted out the scary equipment.

7. “We weren’t stealing your plants, we were helping them grow.”

8. “HOOMAN, I want to help. Get me a shovel and let’s DO this!”

9. They could totally pack down soil just by walking over it (very, very slowly).

10. “Got my gardening shoes, ma! I’m ready.”

11. “I’m just here for moral support. Can we go inside soon?”

12. “I’m making sure it’s okay for human consumption.”

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13. “I planted those all by myself! Okay, I didn’t actually, but don’t tell anyone.”

14. “You mean this isn’t my personal chariot?”

15. “If I lie here, maybe people will think I helped.”

16. “Mom, aren’t the flowers supposed to be alive? You’re terrible at this.”

17. With all her ducks in a row, this momma was ready to get to work.

18. “I picked you the biggest cucumber I could find.”


20. “Can’t you just go buy veggies from the store? I’m tired.”

On second thought, I take back everything I said. Animals may be good at a lot of things, but gardening certainly isn’t one of them.

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