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21 Gross Halloween Treats That People Took WAY Too Far…I’m Gonna Be Sick

For some people, Halloween is about dressing up in cute costumes and hanging out with friends. But for a few deranged weirdos out there, it’s about being as disgusting and scary as humanly possible. These 21 treats (if you can even stand to call them treats) are perfect for people of the latter variety.

You’ve been warned. These are going to make you sick.

1. Okay, so these aren’t that bad.

2. But this kitty litter cake really, really is.

3. Intestines, anyone?

4. Feeling murderous? These Dexter-inspired candies are good substitutes for the real thing.

5. These texturally-accurate monster eyeballs are probably delicious, but good luck enjoying eyeball eggs in your mouth.

6. NOPE. No. Uh-uh.

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7. What is wrong with people? Just make jello to not look like worms, okay?

8. Yes, I would like my jalapeño poppers to look like fried mice. Thanks!

9. I would also like my healthy turkey meatballs to be swimming in a pool of blood.

10. Never not calling ear wax “ear pesto” ever again.

11. Yum, open wounds.

12. I love when I can associate bloody, skinned skulls with cheese.

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13. Taking finger food to a whole new level.

14. You could also chow down on what looks like a burn victim’s severed hand.

15. Give someone your heart this Halloween…in a cocktail.

16. Aw, teeny brains!

17. I don’t know who’s trying to eat plain hard boiled eggs at a party, but they sure are creepy.

18. As if shrimp weren’t weird-looking enough already.

19. This just isn’t even a little bit funny for anyone living in a city.

20. This spaghetti is for those who are trying to keep it classy, but also spooky.


Saved the best for last!

Listen, if you’re trying to get people to boycott your house parties for at least one calendar year, or if you happen to have a bunch of sickly twisted friends, then go ahead and try out some of these snacks. If you want people to come back, I suggest sticking to the cute stuff.

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