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21 Photos From The Eagles Parade That Prove No One Goes Harder Than Philly

They say good things come to those who wait, and for the players and fans of the Philadelphia Eagles, that’s definitely the case now that they’ve finally gotten their first Super Bowl win!

Still riding high on the adrenaline of last Sunday’s victory, fans of the NFL champions gathered in the City of Brotherly Love to cheer on their favorite players during a celebratory parade that went for nearly five miles through the streets of Philly. And if you thought the post-win celebrations on Broad Street were wild, just wait until you see how fans chose to celebrate the historic win during the parade.

1. Look at that YUGE crowd!

2. No, seriously, I haven’t seen so many people in one place since Obama’s inauguration.

3. The morning commute was full of surprises.

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4. So that’s how the game was won!

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5. After his brother died, this man couldn’t help but bring him along to see this monumental day in Eagles history.

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6. Someone even took the time and money to have “Philly Philly Dilly Dilly” written in the sky for all 2 million people to see.

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8. Even Rocky came ready to celebrate!

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12. These fans will do just about anything to get the best seats in the house.


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16. Representing the best of the best with some kicks!

Reddit / DankJaeger

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17. The wait time for the potty might be a little longer than expected thanks to these eager fans.

Reddit / Brewerytown

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