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21 Precious And Hilarious Photos That Prove Waking Up To Animals Is The Best

For most people who have free-roaming pets, mornings are always a mystery because you never know what craziness you’ll wake up to.

Sometimes it’s a sweet, adorable critter curled up next to you and peacefully snoozing. Other times, however, it’s a gigantic mess created by your little buddy during the night. Either way, it’s safe to say that life never gets boring when you have an animal by your side.

From happy, furry faces to hilarious and chaotic scenes, these 21 photos show exactly what it’s like to wake up every day as a pet parent.

1. “Hi hello good morning I love you.”

2. “I usually wake up around 9 a.m. to feed my cats. Woke up at 10 one day.”

3. This kitty takes keeping watch over his owner at night a little too seriously.

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4. “I have no idea what happened here.”

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5. “Don’t mind me, just grabbing a midnight snack.”

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6. “How you doin’?”

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7. “Woke up this morning to a floating catloaf.”

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8. Hooman sleep time is secret meeting time!

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9. “Woke up to this disaster this morning and now the cat is high as shit. I ain’t even mad.”

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10. And here’s what huskies like to do when their owners are sleeping.

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11. “Woke up to find these love bugs snuggling with their new baby.”

Reddit / melissathecreator

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12. “This is how she waits by the pillow for us to wake up.”

Reddit / sunnyduane

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13. “Woke up hungover on the floor. She wanted to be by my side all night.”

Reddit / klown_13

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14. Does it get any more precious than this?

Reddit / Goldenoir

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15. “The view I wake up to every morning now that the girlfriend’s cat has moved in.”

Imgur / bjohn84

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16. “If you could get up and feed me that’d be great, hooman.”

Reddit / Plainbox

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17. “When you wake up to your cat tryna give you eternal sleep.”

Imgur / baguilla

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18. “Just woke up, no filter.”

Reddit / ChiSc0tt

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19. When your dog turns into a cat.

Reddit / Dms25938

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20. “Um, I require some assistance, please.”

Imgur / massivebereavement

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21. “I have a longhair cat who covers his hairballs with whatever he can find. This morning, I woke up to this.”

Reddit / llama422

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