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21 Snacks Every Filipino Grade Schooler Had In Their Lunchbox

Trading baon > trading Pokémon cards.

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1. Snacku

What it is: Vegetable-flavored snack likely bathed in plenty of MSG.
Why you love it: If real vegetables tasted like this, you’d probably be a vegetarian right now.

2. Golden Sweet Corn

What it is: Crunchy and sweet corn-flavored balls. Another attempt to make ~healthy~ snacks for kids.
Why you love it: Because now you can get away with eating chichirya because it’s corn naman, ‘di ba?

3. Rin-bee

What it is: Bite-sized, crunchy cheese sticks AKA heaven on earth.
Why you love it: They’re bite-sized, so you can stuff multiple sticks into your mouth at once. And you know, the more the manier.

4. Stick-O

What it is: A chocolate wafer stick, but it was SO MUCH MORE.
Why you loved it: Pretending these were cigarette sticks made you feel so bad-ass.

5. Iced Gems

What it is: Biscuits with colorful icing on top — which is the essence of this snack, tbh.
Why you loved it: But you probably didn’t eat the biscuit at all, just the icing. Aminin mo na.

6. Pompoms Cheese Snacks

What it is: Cheese-flavored curls that stick to your teeth when you put them in your mouth.
Why you love it: CHEESY. FINGERS.

7. Ri-chee

What it is: Milk-flavored crunchy snacks that aren’t just dfor babies.
Why you love it: There’s something comforting about its milky flavor, amirite?

8. Dingdong

What it is: Dingdong *sniggers* is a bag of mixed nuts with peanuts, green peas, corn chips, etc.
Why you love it: It’s less hassle and matipid kasi you get to have a little bit of everything with each mouthful.

9. Pee-wee

What it is: A crunchy things that come in different flavors, all shaped like pizza.
Why you love it: THEY’RE TINY PIZZAS.

10. Orange Swits

What it is: A gummy snack that’s shaped and tastes like oranges.
Why you love it: You get one serving of fruit with every pack SHHHH.

11. Nissin Butter Coconut

What it is: Crackers that have a distinctly sweet and Pinoy taste with the coconut.
Why you love it: Butter + coconut = a perfect match you never knew existed until this happened.

12. Sunshine Green Peas

What it is: Green peas with a crunchy outer layer.
Why you love it: You never notice you’ve already had 10 packs in one sitting. It’s THAT good.

13. Mik-mik Powder

What it is: A sweetened milk powder you eat with a straw — and that makes ALL the difference. Also comes in milk chocolate flavor.
Why you love it: Even though you almost died when you sipped the powder too hard that one time, you never learn your lesson and finish the whole package anyway.

14. Haw Haw Milk Candy

What it is: Also a sweetened milk snack, but instead of powder, this one is a tiny solid block of it.
Why you love it: Dissolving this in a warm glass of water made you feel like a scientist about to unveil your latest discovery.

15. Haw Flakes

What it is: Disk-shaped candy made from Chinese hawthorn fruit.
Why you love it: You definitely played communion and used this as the ~Body of Christ~ when you were a kid.

16. White Rabbit

What it is: White, creamy, chewy candy. It has a covering that resembles a wax paper but is totally edible.
Why you love it: You eat the wrapper anyway because you’re hardcore.

17. Bazooka Bubble Gum

What it is: Pink chewing gum na mukhang bareta ng sabon.
Why you love it: Collecting and trading the comic strips on Bazooka wrappers was a regular activity between friends. Remember Bazooka Joe?

18. Nata de Coco

What it is: Coconut jelly that comes in different colors and flavors. Usually served frozen or chilled.
Why you love it: Because now you don’t have to pick and hoard your favorite ingredient on Tita Baby’s fruit salad anymore. Ito na s’ya, packaged just for you!

19. Choko Choko

What it is: Melted chocolate (!!!) in plastic sticks.
Why you love it: The was that one kid who ALWAYS had Choko Choko in their pocket, and you did whatever it took for them to give you a stick or two.

20. YAKEE!

What it is: An E X T R E M E L Y sour chewing gum.
Why you love it: There was a thrill to the ridiculous sourness and the fact that it made your face lit’rally melt.

21. Jungle Juice

What it is: A fruit-flavored juice that came in a HUGE package and a spout.
Why you love it: Pairs well with Oishi.

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