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22 Examples Of How Children Are Really Just Tiny, Drunk Adults

Our parents are always quick to remind of us of every embarrassing thing we did as kids. Home movies are always ripe with mortifying material that’s great when it comes to scaring our crushes away forever. As bad as that is, though, at least our parents didn’t capture every horrible moment on their iPhones back then.

With the help of their smartphones, these parents caught their hilarious little ones in the act. Kids seriously are just drunk adults in tiny bodies.

1. Dancing in public is always a good thing, right?

2. Kids have no regard for consequences.

3. They also don’t understand how music works.

4. Definitely not time to get your license, kid.

5. Old MacDonald would not call those chickens…

6. The carpet does not need to be watered.

7. Everyone loves Queen Bey.

8. You’ll laugh at basically anything, right?

9. Jealousy doesn’t suit you.

10. No knowledge of lyrics? No problem!

11. Slay!

12. Revenge will come when you least expect it.

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13. Where do babies come from?

14. Shame is not in her vocabulary.

15. I guess we need a refresher course on how food works…

16. Did she really just say that?

17. The coordination isn’t there yet.

18. This seemed like a good idea for a second.

19. Fumble!

20. Let’s work on that whole “standing up” thing again, shall we?

21. Someone certainly has a case of the Mondays.

22. The three people you meet at the bar.

(via BuzzFeed)

There you have it, kids! Video proof that your parents will be able to embarrass you in front of your future dates forever. But it’s not all bad. If you have kids, you’ll get to do the same thing to them one day!

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