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22 Ridiculously Delicious One-Pan Chicken Recipes

Most of us have really busy lives that don’t allow us to cook elaborate meals every day.

An embarrassing amount of the foods that I eat are frozen and reheated in the microwave, but I don’t have a ton of free time, and frankly, I’d rather spend it being lazy. That’s why I love not having to use a ton of pots and pans when I actually do put forth the effort to cook a nice dinner.

The following chicken recipes are perfect for anyone who feels the same, because all that these seriously delicious meals require is a little bit of prep and one pot or pan.

1. I dare you not to lick your plate after trying this chicken with white wine and mustard cream sauce.

2. If you’re a big fan of mustard, it’s safe to say that you’ll absolutely love this honey Dijon chicken.

3. Make your chicken a little sweeter by roasting it with cranberries and potatoes.

4. Apples and chicken may seem like an odd pair, but together, they taste and smell amazing.

5. This honey lemon chicken is chock-full of citrusy deliciousness.

6. Get a taste of Italy with these sun-dried tomato, spinach, and cheese stuffed chicken breasts.

7. For those of you on gluten-free or paleo diets, you can’t go wrong with this Moroccan chicken.

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8. Just looking at this cheesy Southwest ranch chicken is making me drool.

9. Coconut, lime, and chicken come together to create one seriously yummy meal.

10. Just because summer’s over doesn’t mean you can’t still have some barbecue chicken!

11. If you love your chicken crispy, you have to try this delectable Parmesan garlic recipe.

12. This Cajun chicken dish is complete Southern bliss.

13. You can make your own Caribbean jerk chicken with this savory recipe.

14. Really, who doesn’t love baked chicken fajitas?

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15. Skip the restaurant and cook your own Thai food with this peanut coconut chicken recipe.

16. Who else was obsessed with chicken, broccoli, and rice casserole as a kid?

17. Sour cream chicken enchiladas? Yes, please!

18. Fettuccine that tastes like chicken pot pie is what delicious dreams are made of.

19. Not only can this bourbon chicken be made in one pan, but it takes just 20 minutes to cook!

20. This baked chicken is smothered in all kinds of scrumptious, healthy veggies.

21. Add some mashed potatoes to chicken with garlic gravy and you’ve got this amazing comfort food.

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22. Spend a romantic night in by bringing the restaurant to you with this citrus Greek chicken.

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Get ready to hear a whole lot of this after you cook all these tasty meals for your family and friends.

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