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A bunch of boobs: Dana Perino wonders about no cleavage dress code for SOTU


Zing! Why should the no “puffy parts” and no cleavage rule be for the Grammys only? Twitter users got a kick out of that tweet by Fox News’ Dana Perino.

@danaperino You can wear whatever you want.

— Spontaneous Protest (@lheal) February 12, 2013

@danaperinoROTFLMAO !!!(sides just split)…

—# 0692 (@tonylamorte) February 12, 2013

@danaperino imagine the cleavage lol. Well congress has to get their poll numbers up some how… Although that might lower it even further.

— Natalie Caldy (@nataliecaldy) February 12, 2013

SOTU needs titillation “@danaperino: What time does the no cleavage dress code for state of the union get released? Oh, wait, wrong show.”

— Kristopher Purcell (@purcellkris) February 12, 2013

Oh, please. Not that kind; make it not happen!

@danaperino There may not be much cleavage at the STU, but I’m sure there will be a lot of asses making an appearance.

— Adam Hudson (@Alhudson66) February 12, 2013


And, in a nutshell.

@danaperino Same audience !

— Steve M. (@slvmart) February 12, 2013

@slvmart ah we think alike.

— Dana Perino (@DanaPerino) February 12, 2013

Never change, Dana Perino.


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