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A Horrible Tragedy Occurred In This Mansion Back In 1959, And Now It’s For Sale

Near the Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles, California, is a Spanish revival mansion that’s been vacant since 1959. The reason? Well, the previous owners were victims of a horrific murder-suicide.

Now, the so-called “Los Feliz Murder House” is up for sale.

The Los Feliz Murder House was constructed back in 1925.

Sometime in the early 1950s, the Perelson family moved in. Everything was going well…until the night of December 6, 1959.

The family patriarch, Dr. Harold Perelson, took a hammer from the toolshed that night. He then struck his sleeping wife in the head, killing her instantly.

After that, he walked into his 18-year-old daughter’s room and tried to do the same thing to her, but he missed. The near miss woke Judye and sent her running.

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That’s when she ran into her parents’ room and found her mother’s body. Dodging her father again, Judye ran out of the house screaming.

The commotion woke up Judye’s siblings, aged 11 and 13. Their father told them that they were just having a nightmare, so they went back to bed.

Judye’s screaming woke up neighbor Marshall Ross. Ross entered the house to investigate. He arrived just in time to watch Dr. Perelson take a handful of pills, and by the time police arrived, Perelson was dead.

In the years since this grisly murder, the home has had several owners, but none of them ever moved in. The latest owner passed away with no heirs, which landed the home back on the market.

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The old murder house is being sold through a probate sale.

This is from the listing description: “It has 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a big kitchen, a large dining room, a library, a ballroom, and a bar. It’s just waiting for that special person who’s looking for a wonderful opportunity to remodel or develop.”

The only downside here is the $2.75 million price tag.

(via LAist)

I’d love to buy that house, but not to live in it. I would develop it into the world’s greatest, most insane haunted attraction. Who’s ready to invest?

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