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A ‘piece of shit’ coward: Fans call Ron Artest every name in the book


In the video above, you can watch Ron Artest (AKA Metta World Peace) take a cheap shot at Oklahoma City Thunder guard James Harden while celebrating a dunk over Kevin Durant.

As you can imagine, Twitter has been lambasting Ron Artest ever since. On Monday, tweeters were especially brutal to Artest calling him nearly every name imaginable.

Read these tweets at your own risk! They are FULL of profanity.

For the love of God, his name is Ron Artest.

— Caleb McNary (@CalebMcNary) April 23, 2012


damn, ron artest is a coward. cant they just suspend him permanently so we don't have to hear his dumb voice anymore. what a moron.

— Shane Schofield (@shanescho5) April 23, 2012

Ron Artest looks like he could be retarded a little

— Nick Sledge (@Little_Nickky) April 23, 2012

fuck Ron Artest. i want that nigga traded. smh shit like that causes teams to lose games smh

— Don Legend (@ImperialDonP) April 23, 2012


Ron Artest is a punk bitch, but he did not intend to hurt Harden. #FreeRonArtest

— Christopher Phillips (@Lawboychris) April 23, 2012

Ron Artest is freakin weirdddd

— R.I.P Lil Kyle ❤️ (@_TIERdrop) April 23, 2012

Ron Artest is a damn fool but what do you expect? Ya'll forgot about Detroit when he was a Pacer?

— Kevin Burton (@BRUHMAN_910) April 23, 2012

Ron Artest is such a piece of shit. He should be kicked out of the league.

— Mike V (@MikePV_) April 23, 2012

Man I dnt knw why I still be surprised at the shit Ron Artest do like how the hell my team get stuck with his unstable ass

— KD ALL DAY (@KD_In_His_Bag) April 23, 2012

If you don’t think those tweets are hitting below the belt, this one by @Glenda_G takes it to a whole new low…

If I was a Man and had a tiny small penis like Ron Artest, I probably would elbow a few dudes myself quite frankly. #IJS

— GLENDA G ™ (@GLENDA_G_) April 23, 2012

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