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Absurd bias: Journo swoons over Jeb Bush, says MSM can help him win!/MelissaTweets/status/453130572710162432

And oh how true that is. “Game Change” author and TIME Senior Political Analyst Mark Halperin admitted it Monday morning.!/JayCaruso/status/453145989231038464

No, really. He said that: “Huge MSM support of Jeb Bush on immigration can help him win.”!/MarkHalperin/status/453122697896423424


It’s unbelievable, yet totally believable at this point. Also note the sneering condescension in Halperin’s statement.!/NoahWehrman/status/453134738036109312

Yep. Contrary to the opinion of Better Than You journos, we aren’t idjits.

Halperin continued his lapdoggery:!/MarkHalperin/status/453124103063760896!/MarkHalperin/status/453130657578115073

Squee! He’s so dreamy! And we all know that the lapdog media loves having a President Boyfriend.!/MarkHalperin/status/453133200815321088!/MarkHalperin/status/453133536200253440

Sigh. Twitter users had some “helpful hints” about reality.!/FOWfan01/status/453150887561539584


Ding, ding, ding!!/Will_Antonin/status/453145400057556992

Truth. Boom.

But, hey, at least there is this:!/RBPundit/status/453136419608100864

So, kudos Halperin for admitting the truth, albeit unintentionally.


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