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Actors Nick Searcy & Ken Wahl on Cher’s ‘heartless, soulless animals’ rant


Actor Ken Wahl is an animal lover and celebrity ambassador for Hounds and Heroes. So he didn’t take too kindly to Cher’s latest Twitter rant about the “heartless, Soulless Animals” responsible for sequestration. Wahl gets extra points for understanding Cher’s nearly incomprehensible tweets.

“Justified” actor Nick Searcy had another take:

Well, I don’t know,@kenwahl1, history shows that leftists like @cher are pretty heartless and don’t believe in a “soul.” @twitchyteam

— nick searcy (@yesnicksearcy) April 27, 2013

Wait, so Searcy is saying that the woman who suggested it would be karma if Todd Akin was raped by a man with HIV is … heartless? Minds blown!

@yesnicksearcy @kenwahl1 @cher @twitchyteam I know this; my dog is a lot nicer to people that she doesn’t know than Cher is.

— MomMom (@OldDominionMom) April 27, 2013


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