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After The Love Of Her Life Committed Suicide, She Made It Her Mission To Save Others

Every year, about 44,193 people commit suicide in the U.S. It is the tenth leading cause of death in the U.S. and on average, there are 121 suicides per day.

For the families of those that have taken their lives, it’s extremely difficult to imagine how their loved ones could feel so low that they’d want to leave everyone and everything behind. It’s even harder to deal with the grief of losing someone you deeply care for.

Kristy Spurgeon lost her husband to suicide 14 years ago, but the pain and confusion she felt after discovering he had died still hasn’t gone away for her. She knows she can never bring him back, but as she explains in this powerful and heartbreaking message, her husband’s death gave her an important mission to save other people’s lives.

“My husband, Doug, and I always left one another notes every morning and evening. Some would be tucked in lunches. Others in pillows. And many in shoes. After losing his mom unexpectedly, he spiraled into a major depression. I got him to as many specialists as possible. He would start to heal and then regress. I stopped him three times from committing suicide,” she says.

“Then we lost our good friend in 9/11. He spiraled into a dark abyss that not even the best doctors could save him. On April 8, 2003, he left me this — his final note — leaving behind myself and our two beautiful children with shattered hearts.”

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“There’s still the faint smell of your cologne on the envelope. And I find priceless comfort in touching your handwriting. I can see you sitting beside me with your crooked smile and blue eyes.”

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