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Alec Baldwin pulls a Cutter; Romney ‘politicizing death of Amb. Stevens’


Alec Baldwin crawled out from the gutter to throw some gutter-sludge on Twitter. The ghoulish Baldwin is pulling a revolting Stephanie Cutter: Benghazi and the death of Americans? Only an issue, because Romney. Appalling.

He continues.

Righties politicize death of Stevens + attack “security issue.”Where were concerns when Bush/Cheney failed 2 protect US troops in Iraq?

— ABFoundation (@ABFalecbaldwin) October 14, 2012

Note the sneer quotes around security issues. Whatever! No big whoop; The One has a reelection campaign to wage. Isn’t that all that matters? Plus, as long as he had good enough security when he hit Vegas, baby! As predicted, Stephanie Cutter is getting no heat from the Left for her beyond reprehensible remarks. She is even still out spinning for Obama. Baldwin further exposes why that is: They agree with her. To them, everything, including the death of four Americans, is just fodder for spin.

Twitter users try to explain things to the soulless Baldwin.

@abfalecbaldwin if you can’t see difference between war zone and keeping diplomats safe there’s a problem. #applesandoranges

— Eric S. Deems (@EricSDeems) October 14, 2012

@abfalecbaldwin we should completely ignore this failure, but give Obama full credit for killing Bin Laden? That makes me laugh like Biden.

— Lane Clayson (@Captpretentious) October 14, 2012

@abfalecbaldwin You mean the war that Biden voted for?

— Cathy C (@CATHCO9) October 14, 2012

@abfalecbaldwin /If Bush-u libs and all media would want answers! You guys are hypocrites.

— Tate Casey (@tatcasla) October 14, 2012

@abfalecbaldwin why don’t you address the fact that Obama has lied about the attack from day 1? Shameful

— Mike Fitzgerald (@Fitz152) October 14, 2012

[email protected]abfalecbaldwin He isn’t politicizing his death, he’s highlighting Obama’s failure to prevent it. Somehow O shouldn’t be held accountable?

— Corporal Hicks (@Cpl_D_Hicks) October 14, 2012

@abfalecbaldwin @robportman Alec, the President has lied about the death of the Ambassador since 9-11! Who is politicizing his death?

— Mike Fitzgerald (@Fitz152) October 14, 2012

@abfalecbaldwin pointing out the admins blindness/ naïveté that caused Stephens death isn’t politics… it’s seeking the truth/ justice.

— Mitch Gregory (@mgcat) October 14, 2012

Bingo. But, one has to have a soul to comprehend it. Maybe Rob Lowe can explain a thing or two to the ghoulish Baldwin.

Seek help, Alec. It’s far past due.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/10/14/ghoul-alec-baldwin-pulls-a-cutter-death-of-ambassador-stevens-only-an-issue-because-of-romney/

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