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Allen Iverson drops in on Sixers game


Twitter exploded with nostalgic memories of Allen Iverson in his prime after he was interviewed during game 6 of the Sixers/Celtics series. The fond remembrances were so plentiful that Iverson’s name trended world wide. Apparently Iverson isn’t the only one who wants to see himself back on the court.

Wait a minute, wait a minute. Allen Iverson came onto the court this evening in support of the 76'ers?

— PRO RELAXER (@A_Hyp) May 24, 2012

awww I love Allen Iverson! I remember I used to always see him when I went to Sixers games with my grandpa many years ago.lol

— Princess Amesha (@AMESHcountry) May 24, 2012

Great to see Allen Iverson my favorite all time player! Miss seeing that dude plays!

— Abdias Laguerre (@Abdiaslaguerre) May 24, 2012

Allen Iverson looks like he can check into the game straight from the stands. A.I. is decked out in 76ers gear. #Sixers

— Michael Scotto (@MikeAScotto) May 24, 2012

I am excited about Allen Iverson , that use to be my babyyyyyyy , Rondo who ? Lol

— S. (@shanicemonee_) May 24, 2012

Allen Iverson is the Sinatra of Hoops- did it His Way-guarded him at ND- ridiculous combination of speed/quickness

— Doug Gottlieb (@GottliebShow) May 24, 2012

Should we credit Allen Iverson for dressing the same from age 19 to 36? How many of us do that?

— Kyle Weidie (@Truth_About_It) May 24, 2012

Allen Iverson with his hand to the ear, calling for the cheers… it brings a tear to my eye. Win it for AI!!! #Sixers

— Natalie Finkelstein (@NattieFink) May 24, 2012

That Allen Iverson interview has been the best part of this Boston / Philadelphia game and will definitely stay that way. #Respect #AI

— Matt Jumper (@mattjumper) May 24, 2012

My boy Allen Iverson man Philly could use him right about now. Philly would be at least in the lead in this game

— Jermaine Harding (@JermaineHarding) May 24, 2012

Allen Iverson used to be my favorite player. I wish somebody would've picked him up this year

— Bad News Vun Vun (@VonSoTrill) May 24, 2012

Could they be discussing… practice? “@jose3030: PIC: Allen Iverson / Lisa Salters http://t.co/8qab8CiT

— Political Panda (@politicalpanda) May 24, 2012

David Stern would get infinite cool points if he allowed Allen Iverson to actually play in this game.

— Not Bill Walton (@NotBillWalton) May 24, 2012

I really miss watching Allen Iverson play. He will forever be my favorite player of all time.

— Tiffany (@1AndOnlyTiffy) May 24, 2012

Allen Iverson is the forefather of NBA Swag.

— Yung Simpnasty (@Swizzzy) May 15, 2012

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