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Amanda Carpenter blasts Senate Dems’ effort to ‘repeal the First Amendment’!/AmericnElephant/status/487253142242091008

The Senate Judiciary Committee is holding a hearing on proposed changes to the First Amendment that would limit forms of “speech” Democrats consider unsavory:!/SenLeeComs/status/487230591465955329

Ted Cruz adviser Amanda Carpenter is tweeting unsettling details from the hearing where Democrats are attempting to strip the First Amendment, ostensibly to “keep big money out of politics.” Carpenter started off by doing some repairs to a statement by Sen. Chuck Schumer:!/amandacarpenter/status/487233581690126337

When Schumer uses the word “reasonable,” the result will be anything but.

Carpenter continued as the hearing went on:!/amandacarpenter/status/487234352947142656!/amandacarpenter/status/487237216738213888!/amandacarpenter/status/487241868976336896!/amandacarpenter/status/487244415799664640!/amandacarpenter/status/487245085378351106

About that big red clock … there it is:!/amandacarpenter/status/487246502130360320

Ted Cruz addressed the committee:!/amandacarpenter/status/487254112334282752!/amandacarpenter/status/487254601339777026!/amandacarpenter/status/487254998016086016!/amandacarpenter/status/487255382591815680

Freedom of speech hangs in the balance.

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