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Amanda Palmer urges empathy for bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev


According to Wikipedia, Amanda Palmer is “an American performer who first rose to prominence as the lead singer, pianist, and lyricist/composer of the duo The Dresden Dolls.”

Palmer has gotten quite a bit of attention today for her poem entitled, “A Poem For Dzhokhar.”

Shortly after publishing the poem, she retweeted the following:

a poem for dzhokhar amandapalmer.net/blog/20130421/ via @amandapalmer ~ not for people who like things in black and white

— Leslie W. Robinson (@lwrobins) April 21, 2013

@amandapalmer Compassion. Interconnectedness. Recognition that every single thing is an act of love or a cry for healing. Thank you.

— itsme_karyne (@itsme_karyne) April 21, 2013

@amandapalmer Heart broken all over again. So often we forget all the humanity. <3 Thank you.

— Jenna (@x3jennax3) April 21, 2013

Troubling, compassionate, brave. “@amandapalmer: “a poem for dzhokhar” – read it at bit.ly/blog042113#Boston #poetry #AFPblog

— Christy Corp-Minamij (@cminamiji) April 21, 2013

She then tweeted this:

yes, this. RT @alfajones Too many people think empathy equals condoning all actions. #NotTheSameThing

— Amanda Palmer (@amandapalmer) April 21, 2013

this too RT @travisnorris I think people want bad guys to be bad guys only; they feel like any level of empathy is some kind of betrayal

— Amanda Palmer (@amandapalmer) April 21, 2013

So she’s saying that Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev — the guy who allegedly killed an 8-year old boy, among other heinous acts — deserves empathy.

To which we say: What the … ?!?

[email protected]amandapalmer Amanda, he killed an 8 yr old. He would have killed 100s of kids if given the chance. How on earth is that worthy of empathy?

— ginalou (@ginalou) April 21, 2013

I don’t know what an Amanda Palmer is, but I know it is cray-ray:‏@amandapalmer “a poem for dzhokhar” – read it at bit.ly/blog042113

— Bruce Newman (@BruceNV) April 21, 2013

Blogger Sooper Mexican put it best:

Not all evil can be “understood” – some of it just needs to be extinguished.

Sorry hippies.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/04/21/amanda-palmer-urges-empathy-for-bombing-suspect-dzhokhar-tsarnaev/

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