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Amendment to redefine Presbyterian definition of marriage falls


In a close vote, the Presbyterian Church (USA) today rejected an amendment to the church’s constitution that would have redefined marriage from being between “a man and a woman” to “between two people.”

We know that liberals and conservatives can coexist. But can purists and unifiers live together? #ga220

— Jim Moss (@revjimmoss) July 7, 2012

The General Assembly, held this week in Pittsburgh, has been a Twitter-intensive meeting, giving an especially candid view of the diversity of views of the attendees and those following the Internet live stream.

I'd like to see a motion to limit debate to 140 characters or less. #ga220

— Chris Peters (@chrispeters82) July 6, 2012

I love that people are sharing their twitter handles when they speak!! #ga220

— angie (@angelarines) July 7, 2012

Maybe in two years we could just have the GA on Twitter. #ga220

— Kevin Germer (@germerian) July 7, 2012

Initial Twitter reaction to the vote skewed toward the negative.

By 15 votes the PCUSA (Presbyterian Church) clergy are still not allowed to marry the #LGBTQ community. #Fail. #GA220

— Andy Oliver (@HeyAndyOliver) July 6, 2012

There will be no justice around marriage from the #GA220. We are hopeful for the next assembly. We have to be.

— Presbyterian Welcome (@PresWelcome) July 7, 2012

Any hope for marriage equality or relief of conscience for pastors goes down in a whirlwind of p-mentary b.s. very angry right now. #ga220

— meredith whitezeager (@merrydeath) July 7, 2012

My former denomination voted against equal marriage today. My current one blesses my upcoming nuptials. Thank you @unitedchurch #GA220

— Rev. Emily C. Heath (@emilycheath) July 6, 2012

GA220 does the right thing and affirms the witness of Scripture–marriage between a man and a woman. #ga220

— jeffgissing (@jeffgissing) July 6, 2012


The Presbyterian Church claims over 2 million members in the United States.

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