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American Idol fans don’t like results, cry ‘RACIST!’ on Twitter


Sigh. There’s no escaping politics — even on singing contest TV shows. While many viewers tune in to Fox’s American Idol to escape the cable news gab-fests, a stubborn segment of the audience can’t help but see political/ideological goblins lurking in every corner. Tonight, the show ended in a dramatic (producer-contrived or not? who knows?) moment for popular top contestant Jessica Sanchez. The California teen, who happens to be part-Filipina, part-Mexican, ranked in the bottom three of seven according to America’s votes. She was forced to sing in a bid for mercy (a “save”) from the judges. They rushed on stage to rescue her from the indignity and used their one-time-only waiver to allow her to compete next week.

@iammichfrias It was a really emotional moment wasn't it? #idol

— American Idol (@AmericanIdol) April 13, 2012

I love you guys so much! You really are the most amazing supporters a gal can have. <3 Mwah! :*

— Jessica Sanchez (@JessicaESanchez) April 13, 2012

Sanchez is phenomenally talented, but her bland personality is overshadowed by some of the older, more seasoned, or more charismatic contestants. Another possible factor: Male contestants tend to fare better on the show because of their more ardent female fan bases. There hasn’t been a female winner in five seasons.

But never mind those inconvenient factors.

AI watchers rushed to Twitter to play the race card, with a few rare, level-headed exceptions. So much for post-racial America!

America is racist… How did jessica sanchez almost go home… WTF

— TEK. ABERE (@iWantFufu) April 13, 2012



F*ck you all racist! Jessica sanchez must stay.

— Phoinggg… (@phoichan) April 13, 2012




Dear America, please vote for Jessica Sanchez. Don't be such a racist

— Jessa Mendoza (@jessannexoxo) April 13, 2012

soo um.. after my dad heard that jessica sanchez was bout to go home, he legit accused american idol of being racist. SHUT UP DAD.

— Nicole Garbanzos (@MiaNickyBelle) April 13, 2012

Jessica Sanchez won't win simply because America will vote her off. NO ASIAN/PART-ASIAN has won or will win AI. It's called musical racism.

— Cholo Garcia (@CholoMGarcia) April 13, 2012

Jessica Sanchez incident:racism is still evident in American society.Other than that, I don't see other reasons why she should be voted out.

— Tush Gumpal ☂ (@thevintagebomb) April 13, 2012

Aw Jessica Sanchez almost got booted. I'm not surprised, there's no way someone excellent but from the cultural minority can win AI. #racism

— Arvin Jeremy A. (@arvinkulit) April 13, 2012


The eff! Jessica Sanchez eliminated but saved? She shouldn't be in the bottom three in the first place. Racist.

— Rika Murase (@rikamurase) April 13, 2012

Jessica Sanchez- she must win. AMERICANS? Y U RACIST?

— ♠♣♥♦ Nicollo Henson (@CholoHenson) April 13, 2012

Jessica Sanchez won't win because she isn't white." this is racist!

— zhazha matol (@zsharmela) April 13, 2012

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