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Another lie: Left says Romney wants to get rid of Martin Luther King Day


As Twitchy reported this morning, some liberals are attributing false quotes to Mitt and Ann Romney portraying them as elitist, racist, and out of touch with ordinary Americans.

The latest smear: Mitt Romney called Martin Luther King Day “irrelevant” and wants to eliminate it:


Mitt Romney want to stop Martin Luther King Jr day he thinks it's silly. WTF!

— Ece 에제 (@RainbowKillers) September 9, 2012




— Fan-C (@FanCthafemcee) September 9, 2012


Romney trynna ban Porn, && MLK Day aye fuck that hoe ass nigga cuh. Obama Nigga

— sept. 11 (@KvngFlashy) September 9, 2012


I heard Romney trynna take away Martin Luther King Day cause he thinks it pointless <<<<<<<<<<

— ✰✰ ϒόʊɳG ʂʈʘɳɛɽ✰✰ (@_B_Dinero_) September 9, 2012

Our president better be Obama. That Romney fucker wants to get rid of MLK day..now wtf do u think he go do to us…ugh yea GO OBAMA!

— Captain (@iDRob_34) September 9, 2012

Yes. Racist. RT @E_ShaTara: Did Mitt Romney really say he wants to get rid of MLK day because it's irrelevant & unimportant?

— m.i.a. (@___LovelyLaRei) September 9, 2012

Mitt romney, is a racist…he tryna get rid of the holiday for Martin Luther king Jr. TF kind of shit is that

— KEL. (@OhShit_ItsWZa) September 9, 2012

I can't stand Romney! How dare u try to take MLK day away and expect to win?

— Dia Pearson (@PNAPrincess) September 9, 2012

I heard romney tryn take MLK day frm us…..if tht happen u kno he wont b president 4 all

— Monte Lovat (@RoddiRod22) September 9, 2012



Romney talking about he wants to get rid of MLK Day. Nigga there are bigger problems out there than niggas getting a day off. #Prioritize

— ✝r i l l ▲ (@RealPee2Cold) September 9, 2012

LMAO Mitt Romney really said he wants to get rid of MLK day because it's "Irrelevant and unimportant" #YouSoFunny #DumbAss

— Jada Wiz (@Jadawiz) September 9, 2012

& ROMNEY tryna take away MLK day , he said its irrelevant. Hell Naw he better not cos we don't have school on that day.

— kweenB. (@VeryyPretty) September 9, 2012

Mitt Romney is a rascit. He wants to get rid of martin Luther king day Becuz he said its irrelevant and he uses a kkk slogan

— DoughBoy (@_FeedMePolo) September 9, 2012

Romney is racist he tryna take away MLK day wtf and his slogan is the KKK slogan

— GlobalBøTchø (@1bOTcho) September 9, 2012

Mitt Romney Trynna Take Away MLK Day ? White Dude SIT TF DOWN .. We Already Have A President .

— Oct 9 ♎️✨ (@JGottiDaughter_) September 9, 2012



RT @_XoXoSae_: If your black your only reason to be against Romney is the fact that he think MLK day is unimportant and irrelevant !

— Słim (@itxxsam) September 9, 2012

– Mitt Romney wants to get rid of MLK day , he says it's not impossible and irrelevant. So if you vote for him your a racist ass bitch …

— Sept. 9 ♍ (@_easyfree) September 9, 2012


Mitt Romney wants to cancel Martin Luther King day cause he doesn't think its important but not Columbus day ? Hmmmm I smell a racist 😠👎

— $hy (@badgalshy_) September 9, 2012



@HysROYALHighnes did you know Romney tryna take MLK Day from niggas??

— RASTA GOD (@TheRatchetRasta) September 9, 2012


So Romney said He wanna get rid of MLK Day , TF Obama should get rid of that 9/11 shit!

— Icy (@IcyPacinoo) September 9, 2012


Notice that none of these Twitter users provide a link or citation — you know, the sort of thing that would allow someone to verify that what they are claiming is not fiction.

If any of these folks had taken the trouble to do a straightforward Google search, they would have come to the same conclusion that Twitchy did, i.e., that the alleged Romney quotes are fabricated.

When a presidential candidate has said something negative about Martin Luther King Jr. or Martin Luther King Day, mainstream media outlets write about it.

The fact is that Romney admires Dr. King, as this ABC News article makes clear:

ABC News’ Matt Stuart: Republican candidate Mitt Romney was at Gate Petrolium in Jacksonville, FL Monday, speaking about Martin Luther King, Jr. and said that King was able to “fulfill the promise of the Declaration of Independence” and that “in some places today, it is still yet to be fulfilled.

“Sometime you think problems are huge and they’re beyond the scope of anyone’s ability to deal with them, but an individual of passion and courage and faith and character can help change an entire nation, as he did,” Romney said.


Left falls for fake Romney quote: ‘I can relate to black people, my ancestors once owned slaves’

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