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April Fools’ Day Pranks That Are Hilarious But May Cost You Your Friendship

April Fools’ Day is right around the corner and it has a pranking tradition that many people would rather avoid. Some tricks are just plain cruel, while others are simply hilarious.

No matter how you spin it though, you generally don’t want to be on the receiving end of these pranks.

Here are some of the funniest, cruelest, and most mind-bending (not to mention juvenile) pranks we’ve seen.

1. Risky dessert proposition.

2. “Why are there no bubbles in this Coke?” “Just drink it, Jimmy!”

3. Employee of the month: Kim Jong-un!

4. The cops were not amused.

5. Not all college students are especially inventive.

6. I don’t know if this is going to be delicious or terrible.

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7. This guy taped an image onto his TV…it’s not actually broken. His fiancée was not pleased.

8. Whatever you do, don’t leave your office unattended on April 1.

9. What did we just say?

10. This cat actually loved this April Fools’ prank.

11. This would drive me crazy…the keys are shifted over one spot.

12. Netflix even gets in on the action.

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13. As do town newspapers!

14. Reason #1 to lock your door so your friends can’t do this.

15. The prank was that there was nothing wrong with the cupcakes. No one ate these delicious desserts.

16. I just hope this is actual money that they’re handing out…

17. When your birthday is also April Fools’ Day, you’re bound to find your room filled with garbage at least once.

18. So THIS is why he saved all the newspapers.

19. Fairly straightforward.

20. This math teacher must have been thrilled about this prank.

21. Dried glue is enough to freak out any computer nerd.

22. This contest didn’t exist.

23. Good luck getting into your chair, Todd.

24. This guy said he wanted an iPad, so he received 11. Except they were all passcode locked.

(via Reddit)

I think I’m just going to stay in my room and lock the door this April Fools’ Day. Sure, I won’t get to prank anyone, but no one will be pranking me either.

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