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#AskState: Conservatives have plenty of questions for Hillary’s town hall


Now that she’s feeling better, Hillary Clinton really seems anxious to answer all those questions people have been asking for the past several months. And why not? Her testimony before Congress on the Benghazi terrorist attack quickly turned into a cross between a love-fest and campaign kick-off party, so imagine how much more praise she could garner from a “global town hall” streamed over YouTube.

The event begins at 9:30 a.m. Eastern and ends as soon as someone asks one of the following questions, submitted via the #AskState hashtag.

What happened in #Benghazi?#AskState

— Jonathan(@TrisnTrees) January 28, 2013

U’ve been lied 2.U know what it feels like. How can you do it to us? Americans can forgiv truth but nevr a lie #AskState DID U LIE #BENGHAZI

— Jeanette (@LadyHuckleberi) January 29, 2013

@statedept #askstate who gave the order to stand down?

— Paul Brousseau (@PBrousseau) January 27, 2013

#AskState #SecClinton Here’s a question for #GlobalTownHall – Who gave #StandDown order for #Benghazi massacre? Will you answer #PJNET #TGDN

— Stan Hjerleid (@StanHjerleid) January 29, 2013

@statedept #AskState Ms. Clinton, who gave the order to stand down? I had such confidence you still had a conscience.I was wrong.

— Deb B (@hildismom) January 27, 2013

@statedept who issued the stand down order in Benghazi? #SecClinton #GlobalTownHall #AskState.1.usa.gov/VNGZ0R

— Michelle Texas Belle (@houstonbombera) January 29, 2013

@statedept #AskStateWhy did you lie aout knowing what was happeneing in “real time”? We already knew you watched the entire thing.

— Deb B (@hildismom) January 27, 2013

@statedept Why do you and @barackobama feel it is ok to lie to the American people? #AskState

— John Price (@JPrice02) January 29, 2013

Hi @statedept , I would like Sec. Clinton to address why #Benghazi was initially blamed on a YouTube video. #GlobalTownHall #AskState

— Dr. Jason B. Whitman (@JasonBWhitman) January 29, 2013

@statedept Why did you blame it on a video? And What difference does it make is not an acceptable answer. #askstate

— PeytonWilliams (@PS_Williams) January 29, 2013

Would there have been increased security in Benghazi had there have been a Planned Parenthood on site? #AskState

— Eric Stafne (@Eric_Stafne) January 28, 2013

Doesn’t itmatter if the Benghazi attack is organized terror instead of spontaneous?Is US foreign policy the same in each case? #AskState

— Karla Sofen (@KSofen) January 28, 2013

Can’t you people think about anything but Benghazi?

Which was harder to cover up, Benghazi or Whitewater? MT @statedept question for #SecClinton? Tweet #AskState for #GlobalTownHall on 1/29

— Angela Bullard (@Bookhound63) January 27, 2013

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