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Aurora PD announces plans to live-tweet breaking news updates; Updated


Behold the power of Twitter.

Watching breaking Aurora PD news update on Colorado shootings. They say to watch their Twitter for up to minute updates… Amazing

— Amy Dang Stojanovic (@astojanovic) July 21, 2012

Aurora Police Department officials told reporters that if they want the latest information on the movie theater shooting investigation, they’ll have to follow @AuroraPD.

I love that @aurorapd said they would be sending out updates via twitter! #socialmediaisawesome

— Alexis Krystina (@alexiskrystina) July 21, 2012

The @AuroraPD account quickly gained followers after the announcement.

The Aurora PD's twitter follower count just shot up like 3K followers in 1 minute after the cops released their twitter name on CNN

— Jack (@TurtleShell83) July 21, 2012

As Twitchy reported this morning, law enforcement officials hope to detonate bombs and other devices in shooting suspect James Holmes’ booby-trapped apartment. The latest on that effort:

We've just been told to move back. No one allowed on sidewalk in front of Holmes' apt. Detonation could be soon. #theatershooting

— Jenna Deery (@JennaWSOC9) July 21, 2012

@AuroraPD: Federal explosives experts are in #Aurora CO to detonate apt. booby trap set by #theatershooting suspect James Holmes.

— Jenna Deery (@JennaWSOC9) July 21, 2012

@AuroraPD: apt contains trip wires and jars of "accelerant." fire dept and bomb techs standing by.

— Jenna Deery (@JennaWSOC9) July 21, 2012

The next press conference is still scheduled for 2 p.m. MDT, but the Aurora Police Department’s Twitter account is the one to watch until then.


The Aurora Police Department released a statement regarding the detonation operation via Twitter.

UPDATE: http://t.co/KbHNo1d8

— Aurora Police Dept (@AuroraPD) July 21, 2012

Primary goal is to complete this operation in a manner that is safe for all personnel involved and the public. With that in mind, there is no estimate on how long this will take.

There are three phases to the operation:
1. Render a safe entry and remotely mitigate the trip wire. This may cause a fire and/or explosion.
2. Safely remove approximately 30 various devices inside and an additional 30 aerial shells. These will then be taken by sand trucks to a disposal area and either burned or destroyed by countercharges.
3. Continue the investigation with the Aurora Police Department being the lead agency and assisted by numerous other agencies.

We are confident this will be completed today.

This will be done with help from the following agencies: Aurora Fire Department, Adams County Sheriff’s Office, Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office, Denver Police Department, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and Rural Metro Ambulance.

We will update the progress of this operation as the three phases unfold.

The next press conference is still scheduled for this afternoon at 2:00 p.m., at the Aurora Municipal Center, located at 15151 E Alameda Pkwy, Aurora, CO, 80012.

More on the Aurora website (PDF).

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/07/21/aurora-pd-announces-plans-to-live-tweet-breaking-news-updates/

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