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Awesome: Glenn Beck plans ‘Misfits Ball’ for political personae non gratae!/thetalentscout/status/288381010595426305

With President Obama’s Inaugural Ball just around the corner, many on the right side of the aisle are feeling a little left out. Thankfully, Glenn Beck has a solution. Earlier today, Glenn Beck announced that he’s organizing a black-tie “Misfits Ball” in Dallas for those not welcome at the inaugural festivities.

Beck fans are offering up suggestions for the guest list:

@glennbeck @stuontheblaze Misfit Ball idea… Hobby Lobby!!

— Valerie Cahill (@gemini060573) January 7, 2013

@glennbeck , Please invite the Marine Cpl Boston to your ball. I am pretty sure he is a misfit now.

— Ralph Santos (@rufus43) January 7, 2013

@glennbeck You should add the Tea Party to your list for the Misfit Ball. If they are on the TSA watchlist, they qualify.

— Poligrrl (@PoliGrrl) January 7, 2013

@glennbeck @sarahpalinusashould be invited to your Misfits Ball!

— Veritas388 (@Veritas388) January 7, 2013

@glennbeck Can someone come to the misfits ball dressed up as the Constitution? #misfits

— Matt Young (@96_young) January 7, 2013

Invite Hobby Lobby and Chick-fil-a to the Misfits Ball. #TheBlazeTV @glennbeck @stuontheblaze

— SusanKnowles (@SusanKnowles) January 7, 2013

@glennbeck @stuontheblaze -Hank Williams, Jr. is a must invite for the #MisfitBall

— Nick Slabaugh (@NJSlabaugh) January 7, 2013

@glennbeck Invite “Friends of Coal” to misfit ball

— Cat Inquisitor (@CatInquisitor) January 7, 2013

@stuontheblaze Allen West should be there at the misfit ball!! #1

— Justin sowles (@JustinSowles) January 7, 2013

@theblazeGuests for Misfit Ball…Netanyahu and the widows of the heroes of Benghazi (‘that guy’ would like Benghazi to go away:)

— dereck and teri schw (@theschwiets) January 7, 2013

@patandstu Misfits ball guests ~ HobbyLobby; Chick-fil-A, Catholic Church representative, Charlie Daniels, Larry Gatlein, John Rich

— Mary Hudson (@msnuseless) January 7, 2013

@glennbeck Definitely invite Michelle Malkin. #misfits ball

— Gwen Siebenhaar (@gsiebenhaar) January 7, 2013

And others are hoping they’ll score an invite:

Dear @glennbeck, I would love 2 attend the “Misfits Ball ‘ because it would really infuriate my liberal friends& acquaintances. #bucket list

— Zanne (@ZoomZanne) January 7, 2013

@glennbeck I should be invited to the misfits ball.. I own a Gibson guitar, I’m an NRA member, and i’m a LEGAL immigrant.. 🙂

— Nick Fairbanks (@nick_fairbanks) January 7, 2013

@theblaze I want to go to misfit ball!I’m a 47 year old middle class single mom who is probably on the watch list. I want Obama out.

— Debbie Harris (@signminer3) January 7, 2013

I wish I could go to Texas to attend @glennbeck‘s Misfit Ball! 🙁 @theblaze #misfitball

— Erica Drayton (@ericadrayton) January 7, 2013

Something tells us that the folks who missed out on Inaugural Ball tickets aren’t nearly as eager to party with Beck’s merry band of misfits. Their loss!

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