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Awesome photos: Romney supporters pack rally in West Chester, Ohio


Wow incredible crowd in ohio for Romney!!

— Julie Pickering (@juliepickering5) November 2, 2012

The next President of the United States is in West Chester, Ohio, tonight for a campaign rally, and from the looks of things, it’s a rousing success:

PHOTO: Great crowd building for @mittromney in Ohio tonight #RomneyRyan2012 #tcot twitter.com/ZacMoffatt/sta…

— Zac Moffatt (@ZacMoffatt) November 2, 2012

[email protected]rcmahoney This sea of thousands isn’t the crowd in West Chester It’s the line to get in. #huge @ West Chester, OH instagr.am/p/RixuwqCqq1/

— Sister Toldjah (@sistertoldjah) November 2, 2012

Oh wow!! =>“@greghartmann: West Chester ready for Romney and The Kid! twitpic.com/b9qwz0#Ohio#MittMentum #tcot #tiot

— EdwardMKE (@EdwardMKE) November 2, 2012

WOW ~ @dtcahill: On my, oh my, oh my .. RT @1450wmohnews Waiting for Mitt Romney in West Chester, Ohio twitter.com/1450WMOHNEWS/s…

— Larry Cragun (@LarryCragun) November 2, 2012

Nicole Scholes of West Chester cheers on Kid Rock at Mitt Romney rally – #oheltwitter.com/westchesterbuz…

— WestChesterBuzz (@westchesterbuzz) November 2, 2012

Don’t tell me Ohio don’t like Romney,this was overflow !!Proud coal miner son 🙂 twitter.com/RodneyEvans/st…

— Rodney Evans (@RodneyEvans) November 2, 2012

#RomneyRyan #WestChester #Rally @ Romney-Ryan Rally West Chester, Ohio instagr.am/p/Ri2d5wijr6/

— Brennan Hall (@bren_nan) November 2, 2012

Insane. There are 35k people at Romney rally in West Chester #Ohio. Thats the Mo in #momentum RT @rick_gorka: Kid Rock po.st/pqQFU2

— LiberTeaTarian (@LiberTeaTarian) November 2, 2012

Kid Rock, at Romney Rally: “Born Free,” yells, “Go Romney! Go Ryan! We can get this done Ohio!”” #AmericasComebackTeam

— Philip Boynton (@Philip_Boynton) November 2, 2012

Pssst THIS -> @jimacostacnn: Kid Rock sings Romney campaign theme song “Born Free” to massive Ohio crowd instagr.am/p/Ri3JHvguYZ/

— SalenaZito (@SalenaZitoTrib) November 2, 2012

More #Romney rally photos: RT @lindacarmel: RT @danthedaily: the Romney crowd in West Chester #Ohio twitter.com/DanTheDaily/st…

— Hoosier Mama (@WhyAskWhy2U) November 2, 2012


A view from backstage. Just a sea of fired up Ohioans ready for real change. #romneyryan2012 #tcot instagr.am/p/Ri9V1OscpA/

— Rick Gorka (@Rick_Gorka) November 2, 2012

AWESOME!!#360panorama Photo of Romney/Ryan Rally In Ohio!360.io/gjYXHP

— Alicia Turner(@libertyjibbet) November 2, 2012

We’re still waiting on an official head count (estimates range from 20,000 to 35,000 or more), but we’re willing to bet that Sandra Fluke is green with envy.

LOVE seeing the crowd in Ohio to see Romney/Ryan.Makes me feel like there is hope to win OHIO and the country!!!

— MomsMotivated (@MomsMotivated) November 2, 2012

Update: The Dayton Daily News estimates the crowd at 25,000.

Romney rally in West Chester is biggest in Ohio yet. Estimated crowd at 25,000 in Republican heartland of the state. #ohiopolitics

— Ohio_Politics (@Ohio_Politics) November 3, 2012


The West Chester fire chief estimates 30,000 people attended the rally.

At 30K, according to WC fire chief, Romney Rally estimated largest campaign rally in US

— Cincienquirer (@Cincienquirer) November 3, 2012



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