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Backlash: Mike Huckabee links gun violence with removal of God from schools


Speaking on Fox News this afternoon, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee again linked a rise in gun violence in America to the removal of God from the public schools. “We ask why there is violence in our schools, but we have systematically removed God from our schools,” Huckabee told host Neil Cavuto. “Should we be so surprised that schools would become a place of carnage? Because we’ve made it a place where we don’t want to talk about eternity, life, what responsibility means, accountability.”

Huckabee concluded, “Maybe we ought to let [God] in on the front end and we wouldn’t have to call him to show up when it’s all said and done at the back end.”

While thousands sent prayers to the families in Connecticut, word of Huckabee’s God-centric analysis infuriated many, particularly after his words had been passed on and reinterpreted through an online game of “telephone.”

Oh, and @govmikehuckabee? Funny sketch on SNL’s Weekend Update back in 2008. But today? Go FUCK yourself. Forever.

— Patton Oswalt (@pattonoswalt) December 15, 2012

I know some friends will differ w/ my gun control stance, but at least we can all agree that Mike Huckabee should go fuck a blender.

— Rebecca the Undead (@rebeccawatson) December 15, 2012

bit.ly/TZvzan Huckabee needs to be removed from all microphones.

— Amanda Marcotte (@AmandaMarcotte) December 14, 2012

“@amandamarcotte: bit.ly/TZvzan Huckabee needs to be removed from all microphones.” constitution be damned!

— Karen Bullock (@the_amphibian) December 14, 2012

@the_amphibian No, you’re right. Every time he talks, a handful more people turn from religion in disgust. He should keep going.

— Amanda Marcotte (@AmandaMarcotte) December 14, 2012

not helping; RT @mmfa Mike Huckabee on Fox News: Schools “become place of carnage” when “we systematically remove God” mm4a.org/12qfI7N

— Eric Boehlert (@EricBoehlert) December 14, 2012

STFU Huckabee. Go away. RT @mmfa Mike Huckabee on Fox News: Schools “become a place of carnage” when “we systematically remove God”

— Emily Zanotti (@emzanotti) December 14, 2012

Whenever something terrible happens, some zealot blows all his credibility by blaming atheists. Huckabee this time bit.ly/UYmdMW

— Ryan Grim (@ryangrim) December 14, 2012

God is everywhere. Except your kid’s school. God too busy pouting about separation of church & state to save your kid. blog.seattlepi.com/seattlepolitic…

— Dan Savage (@fakedansavage) December 14, 2012

Be sure to hug your loved ones tonight, and while doing so, be sure to whisper in their ears, “Mike Huckabee is an idiot.”

— Frank Conniff (@FrankConniff) December 15, 2012

Burn in Hell, Mike Huckabee RT @gaycivilrights: Huckabee: CT Massacre Happened Because We ‘Removed God From Our Schools flip.it/Gq0Qe

— YellowDogDerek (@YellowDogDerek) December 15, 2012

According to Mike Huckabee, God is a terrorist who targets children when public schools refrain from worshiping him. Pretty sick.

— Dorian Staten (@Nicronon) December 15, 2012

Mike Huckabee: guns don’t kill people. Godless evil liberals who believe in separation of church & state kill people. #p2 #tcot

— Mary W. Matthews (@MWM4444) December 15, 2012

To mike Huckabee: F–K you, you sanctimonious immoral fraud.

— F. Braun McAsh (@FBraunMcAsh) December 15, 2012

@jackiedouches if the only thing standing between Huckabee and murder is the opinion of his imaginary friend, he has bigger issues.

— Ryan McBride (@rpmcb) December 15, 2012

Memo to Mike Huckabee: What you’re saying is God killed children at a Newtown, CT school ON PURPOSE. Because he felt ignored. You’re sick.

— Nina L. Diamond (@ninatypewriter) December 15, 2012

If someone could just go ahead and taser Mike Huckabee in the sack for a good 45 minutes, that would be swell.

— Mark J Tompkins (@MarkJTompkins) December 15, 2012

Argh! Huckabee and his god fearing lot should all pile into a dead end cave and have a giant boulder lodged at opening.

— Somewhere is Jeannie (@whereisjeannie) December 15, 2012

What’s worse than “politicizing” a national tragedy? Theologizing it.#Huckabee

— Not Matt Bellamy (@NotMattBellamy) December 15, 2012

Mike Huckabee is trying to top the Westboro folks.

— Nina L. Diamond (@ninatypewriter) December 15, 2012

We’d say Huckabee has a ways to go to even begin to compete with Westboro Baptist Church.

President Beast @barackobama! Stop the phony tears!You brought this mayhem! STOP MARRYING FAGS! God is not joking! You’ve brought His wrath.

— MargiePhelps (@MargieJPhelps) December 14, 2012

Billy Hallowell, faith editor for The Blaze, delivered a message somewhat similar to Huckabee’s, though without going near the electrified third rail of public schools.

We have a cultural crisis in America. Until we admit that, there’s no improving things. #faith #compassion #love

— Billy Hallowell (@BillyHallowell) December 15, 2012

In the meantime, citizens of Newtown on Friday night gathered for prayer services — the “back end,” so to speak.

look at this. all the people who gathered together for the memorial service at st rose church in newtown twitter.com/stopthispayne/…

— kate (@stopthispayne) December 15, 2012

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