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Balanced approach: Health insurance premiums skyrocket as payroll taxes climb


Heckuva job, Barry. Despite repeated assurance from President Obama that “if you like your plan, you can keep it,” Americans are quickly realizing that their health insurance plans are becoming increasingly difficult to hold onto. Premiums are skyrocketing:

My health insurance is increasing by forty dollars a month next year which is neat because there’s no increase in service.

— Chinaski (@HaankChinaski) December 31, 2012

My wifes work #health insurance saw an #80% increase in mnthly premiums.

— Charley Johnson (@pctj) January 3, 2013

Just got a shocking increase to my health insurance with Aviva. Any suggestions for a better provider? #healthinsurance

— Emer Roche (@bemerboche) January 3, 2013

And lets not forget the 23% increase in our health insurance, not to mention the copays.. I demand a deal!

— RachelWells (@GenRachel) January 1, 2013

WOW! Just paid my quarterly health insurance from Blue Cross Blue Shield for my Vman & I. We had an increase in… fb.me/1qC9o65ih

— Tonya Scholz (@knowaging) December 28, 2012

. @barackobama My monthly health insurance premium went up 14%, I guess that is better than the 30% increase last year. Expensive flu shots?

— Russell Stevens (@RussellCStevens) January 3, 2013

I’ve cancelled my health insurance policy after a 21% rate increase this year. Here’s wishing me good health in 2013!

— Kedgeree (@kedgeree11) January 2, 2013

Hmmm. Wasn’t the Affordable Care Act supposed to make health care … affordable?

A dear friend received her private health insurance bill for January of 2013 – $500 per month increase in premium.Thank you Obamacare! 🙁

— Sunetta Lisa Cain (@SunettaLisaCain) January 4, 2013

Good day to all. Just got increase of almost 10% in my health insurance. Thanks AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE ACT.

— Mark W. Lewis (@mwlesq) January 4, 2013

OK, well, at least middle class workers can rest assured that the other parts of their paychecks won’t take a hit. Health care premiums and payroll taxes up? That couldn’t happen!

Then again …

love waking up to higher taxes. This will go along well with my 35% increase in health insurance #2012>2013

— Keith Davidson (@numu350) January 2, 2013

Good night! It hit that quick! “@numu350: love waking up to higher taxes. It goes well with my 35% increase in health insurance #2012>2013”

— Michael Richard (@mcrichard) January 4, 2013

Damn my paycheck took a hit with the 2% SS tax crap and my health insurance increase 😭

— ❤ Cin_MaryKay ♍ (@LilPanamaCC) January 3, 2013

@politifact payroll tax up 2%, Obamacare tax increase, my health insurance is up almost $1800, this year.He said it would go down?

— gsxr75000 Jeff (@gsxr75000) January 3, 2013

@sistertoldjah Ditto. Learned today health insurance up $150 per mo., add to that SS increase, there goes my 401k contribution. Bastards!

— Mara (@maramasu) January 2, 2013

$1500 in new taxes + $1200 increase in health insurance premiums. Thanks for ringing in 2013 right, government.

— Jeff Emanuel (@jeffemanuel) January 4, 2013

@gimmethewooby @heyitshigbe I got a 3.25 percent raise and, due to SS withholding and increase in health insurance, my paycheck is less.

— David K (@daveguy7) January 2, 2013

I’m making $200 less a month because ofincrease to health insurance and rise of SS tax %. #happynewyear

— Jeremy Rickard (@jrrickard) January 2, 2013

my health insurance rates are going up 25%, in addition to 2% payroll tax increase.This destroy usa plan working, bye bye small businesses

— Jerry and Hyde (@LoneStarBridger) January 3, 2013

Extra 150in taxes AND increase in health insurance every month?! Great damn way to start 2013… #fyou #bullshit

— Ashley Frank (@ashafrank11) January 4, 2013

Has anyone got their first paycheck of the New Year? That tax & insurance increase got it looking like crud. #theworkingmanisasucker

— alexis belon (@alexisbelon) January 3, 2013

Pissed after seeing check stub today. Increase in taxes & insurance. Here’s a big ole ‘you’re fukin welcome’ to those I’m helping pay for!

— JB (@Doc_JaeBee) January 4, 2013

#WhyIsMyPaycheckLessThisWeek Not only because of the 2% increase in SS payroll, but my company’s health insurance premium went up 30%.

— Rusty (@rustyknabe) January 4, 2013

The 2% tax increase along with the $2,000 health insurance increase are awesome. #ThanksObama

— Tyrell Clines (@tyclines) January 3, 2013

Thanks to the increase in SS tax & more expensive health insurance, I now make $100 less each month. Not helpful when my rent just went up.

— Deb G. (@dgsays) January 4, 2013

Come on, now. You’re just paying your fair share.

President Obama said he wants a balanced approach. What he meant was that he wants to raze the middle class.

Between payroll tax increase, Obamacare taxes and huge health insurance premium increase, middle class is royally screwed #Obamanomics #tcot

— Jim Branch (@jamesbranch3) January 2, 2013

Thanks a lot, Mr. President.



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