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Bam: Hillary Clinton, from Watergate to Benghazi [pic]


Bam! This photo is making the rounds and actor Adam Baldwin tweeted it out yesterday. That question was posed by then-Senator Howard Baker (R-Tenn.) during the Watergate proceedings and has often been repeated. What happened, Hillary? Now it is “what difference does it make?”

One major difference between Watergate and Benghazi: Watergate had no body count. Photo: bit.ly/18x7aA8 #tcot

— PJ Media (@PJMedia_com) May 10, 2013


And a little reminder about Hillary Clinton’s role during Watergate.

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA #foreshadowing RT @rare: Hillary Clinton fired from Watergate committee for fraud bit.ly/13S01Y9

— Amy Lutz (@amylutz4) May 13, 2013

Hey, at least she’s consistent!

As Twitchy reported this morning, Cher is calling Benghazi a “witch hunt.” Maybe looking at a photo will be easier for her to understand.

[email protected]cher this –>> RT @adamsbaldwin: Hillary, Then and Now. ~ (Via @benjibacker) ~ #Benghazi po.st/7OylCz

— Peace&JusticeLady (@PeaceLibLady) May 13, 2013


@adamsbaldwin HRC is a perfect example of a person who has put politics before morals.

— Georgia Girl (@SavannahGa66) May 12, 2013

Sen. Feinstein is already circling the wagons to protect Hillary’s 2016 chances.

@adamsbaldwin @benjibacker @benjibacker Keep that in the bank for the next election!

— Jagg55 (@bdmj55) May 12, 2013


Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/05/13/bam-hillary-clinton-from-watergate-to-benghazi-pic/

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