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Beliebers, Directioners unite, swoon over Justin/Niall ‘bromance’


Never mind that the Library of Congress already archives every tweet; fans of Justin Bieber and One Direction’s Niall Horan wanted to make sure the following epic Twitter exchange was preserved for posterity. (Note: read slowly and perhaps have a paper bag on hand in case of hyperventilation and/or vomiting.)

It’s the screen shot heard around the world. However, if that screen shot isn’t quite to your taste, you quite literally have thousands of others to choose from on Twitter today. And if it doesn’t seem like much of a conversation, don’t forget that the Gettysburg Address was only 10 sentences long.

Justin and Niall are the sweetest things ever .:') those tweets back and forth are adorable! Ok.

— Niall's Møfø † (@CodyGotMeGood22) July 18, 2012

Justin and Niall. 2 years ago, Justin didn't even know about the existence of Niall. Now, they send messages to each other. Dreams come true

— ᵀᴴᴱSwag Masta ♔ (@the1Dcentral) July 18, 2012

Justin and Niall had an actual conversation. I bet Nail was fangirling so hard inside.

— Justin Bieber (@biebercovet) July 18, 2012


Justin and Niall is the chance where Beliebers and Directioners should love eachother.

— Jaz (@leJazmen) July 18, 2012

I love how Justin and Niall are just casually talking to each other on twitter and we are just watching like the little fan girls we are.

— 1DLiveUpdates (@1Dliveupdates) July 18, 2012

“Justin and Niall” literally has been trending for more than 12 hours. Who runs the world?

Justin and Niall is trending in worldwide after they had a conversation few minutes ago! Who run the world? BELIEBERS AND DIRECTIONERS! ♥

— B E L I E B E R (@ClaireAlison_13) July 18, 2012

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