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Bill Murray entertains baseball fans by playing in the rain


Typically sports fans HATE rain delays. Especially when they’re stuck outside to get wet while players and coaches take shelter.

However when Bill Murray is around rain delays can end up being more entertaining than the game itself.

Three things we love…baseball, playing in the rain & Bill Murray. http://t.co/mwbF09sj

— Hot Country B104.7 (@B1047) June 11, 2012

Actor Bill Murray puts on a zany show during the Riverdogs' rain delay. Slip-n-slide on the field cover, kickball… What next?!

— Charleston Area CVB (@ExploreCHS) June 10, 2012

Bill Murray is awesome! He entertained the Charleston RiverDogs crowd during a rain delay. Video. #CHSTweet #RiverDogs http://t.co/AMjNalLz

— Sports Dude™ – DW (@ImTheSportsDude) June 11, 2012

alice cooper throws out the first pitch and bill murray pulls a head first slide on the tarp during rain delay, absolutely hilarious!!

— Cam Maron (@cam_maron) June 11, 2012

Had a dream I was best friends with Bill Murray. It was awesome. And in case you were wondering, yes there was some dancing in the rain

— Marija Ćurić (@marijacuric) June 10, 2012

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/06/11/bill-murray-entertains-baseball-fans-by-playing-in-the-rain/

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