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#BlackLivesMatter mothers declare Hillary Clinton ‘trustworthy’

Hillary Clinton has come a long way with the #BlackLivesMatter crowd. Sheoffended many blacks by appearing at a church in Florissant, Mo., in June and declaring in an anecdote that “all lives matter.”

We are serious. That reaction was typical, and many on Twitter declared that Clinton had lost their vote then and there. She then took the brave step of holding a 15-minute, closed-door meeting with members of the Boston chapter of #BlackLivesMatter who were locked out of a New Hampshire event when the Secret Service declared the site was at capacity.

By the time of the first Democratic debate, Clinton had fully embraced the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and after holding two fundraisers in Chicago today, Clinton met with the mothers of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Tamir Rice.

CNN reports, “Hillary Clinton met Monday with a collection of parents whose African-American children have died in shootings at a local Chicago cafe.” Our first piece of advice would be stay the hell away from that cafe. Our second: don’t ever believe anything Hillary Clinton says.

According to the women, Clinton did not make any explicit promises to them, but did pledge to stay engaged in their causes and work on criminal justice reform. All of them [sic] women described the meeting as productive and said Clinton appeared earnest and trustworthy.

“She is a mother and she is a woman and I felt she understood where we were coming from,” said Samaria Rice, mother of Tamir Rice. “It doesn’t matter what color we are, I felt that she really understand where we are coming from.”

First, though, Clinton would have to be elected.

On the same day that President Obama held a speech atRutgers University to note that the2.2 million Americans behind barsaredisproportionately black and Latino, Clinton declared the criminal justicesystem to be “out of balance.”

Did we mention the meeting was held in Chicago?

#BlackLivesMatter protest in 3 2 1

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