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Bob Woodward: White House said you’ll ‘regret’ reporting on sequester


What difference, at this point, does it make whose idea the sequester was? For a while, the White House was succeeding in its effort to pin the scheduled budget cuts on House Republicans, but the GOP fought back, with several legislators changing their Twitter avatars to a highlighted passage from Bob Woodward’s book, “The Price of Politics,” tracing the origin of the sequester to the White House.

The White House was “not happy” with that development, Woodward told Wolf Blitzer tonight, with a “very senior person” emailing that Woodward would “regret doing this.”

For all those who claimed origin of sequester didn’t matter, apparently it mattered enough that the WH tried to bully Bob Woodward.

— John Sexton (@verumserum) February 27, 2013

While progressives publicly proclaimed the sequester’s origin a triviality, WH spox were trying to bully Bob Woodward into silence.

— John Sexton (@verumserum) February 27, 2013

Is there anyone who opined on this in public who wants to square this circle with what the WH did in private? @chucktodd @howardkurtz

— John Sexton (@verumserum) February 27, 2013

Q: Who cares whose idea sequester was? A: The White House.

— John Sexton (@verumserum) February 28, 2013

The most transparent WH ever is now threatening journalists that report things in a way they don’t like.

— AG (@AG_Conservative) February 27, 2013

Cue the theme from “The Godfather”–> WOODWARD: White House Warned Me I’d ‘Regret’ What I’m Doing businessinsider.com/bob-woodward-o… via @bi_politics

— Monica Crowley (@MonicaCrowley) February 28, 2013

And the DC Press still protects this guy. MT @verumserum White House to Woodward on sequester story “you’re going to regret challenging us.”

— Jon Gabriel (@ExJon) February 27, 2013

Remember, it took being shut out of the president’s golf match with Tiger Woods to give the press a clue that perhaps this wasn’t the most transparent administration ever.

I go to Disney World one day and the #Obamination threatens Bob Woodward. Good lord.

— Water_Bored (@ShelleyMGO) February 28, 2013

Robert Reich on CNN commenting on Woodward threat just now: “Outrageous if that came from the White House.”

— Chris Hayes’ Bike (@JimmyPrinceton) February 28, 2013

I don’t know that we should all come unglued about Bob Woodward being threatened, but how dumb to send it in an email.

— Dean Clark (@earldean71) February 28, 2013

The folks who write the hit pieces on Bob Woodward in the coming days will be outing themselves as the administration’s favorite puppets.

— jimgeraghty (@jimgeraghty) February 27, 2013

You know we’ll be seeing “Whatever happened to the old Bob Woodward we used to know?” pieces in the coming days.

— jimgeraghty (@jimgeraghty) February 27, 2013

Bob Woodward says senior WH official told him he’d “regret” criticism on sequester. Um, I’m sure he’s scared. #nixon

— tomfitzgerald (@tomfitzgerald) February 28, 2013

Bob #Woodward has been threatened by folks in The White House before, and will be around long after the #Obama senior staff has cashed out

— Joe Brettell (@JoeBrettell) February 28, 2013

Just a guess: Woodward isn’t going to be afraid of the Obama White House.

— Dave (@bigdave0908) February 28, 2013

No way this turns out well for BHO MT @stevekrak: “Very senior person” at WH emailed Bob Woodward “you’re going to regret doing this,”

— Jeff Emanuel (@jeffemanuel) February 28, 2013

Technically, “a very senior person at the White House” could be Biden, so this may not be serious.

— James Taranto (@jamestaranto) February 28, 2013

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