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Bobby Jindal presents O-care repeal plan; Jabs at Obama’s broken promise


Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, thought by many to be a possible contender for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination, unveiled a plan to scrap Obamacare and replace it with something he says makes more sense. Jindal also got in a dig at President Obama’s “Lie of the Year” while he was at it:


From the Washington Post:

In his 26-page plan, Jindal lays out a lengthy critique of the health law — which he refers to throughout as “Obamacare” — and reiterates his belief that it needs to be entirely done away with. In its place, he sets forth a bevy of ideas that have run through conservative thought for years, in some cases renaming them and in other cases suggesting new variations on old themes.

“There is a void out there,” Jindal said in an interview. “Consider this plan open-source code for Republicans, who are welcome to cut and paste from it.”

Some tweeters were pleased to see a possible GOP presidential nomination contender presenting ideas for cleaning up the train wreck:


Last year, Jindal announced the formation of the conservative advocacy group America Next to “focus on winning a war of ideas.”

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