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Bring the noise: Why is Fort Bragg trending on Twitter?


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“Fort Bragg” was trending tonight on Twitter. Apparently, the North Carolina Army base produced some loud noises. There were quite a few complaints from foul-mouthed ingrates and ignoramuses:

shitt im sleepy but how df ima go to sleep…. if fort bragg making all that fucking noise

— April_Baby (@nitsha_baby) March 14, 2013

I understand that Fort Bragg does this a lot, but my windows shake every time and I’m trying to sleep. Not cool.

— Toddy’s Girl(@_Korrtnee) March 14, 2013

Damnit Fort Bragg yall niccas need to go to sleep !!!

— Jatyra Mone’t !! (@Ms_JayTee14) March 14, 2013

Fort Bragg needs to calm it down with the bombing. It’s three nights in a row and I would love to sleep tonight.

— Hayley Kelly (@hayleykrystina) March 14, 2013

– All this bombing shooting & mess . Fort Bragg better calm that down right now . I refuse to sleep with that

— K a r m i y a (@Miya_TheBeauty) March 14, 2013

But to some residents, it’s nothing new.

People act like this is the first time Fort Bragg is going off.

— Chrissy ∞ (@itschrissybaaby) March 14, 2013

lol funny that Fort Bragg is trending, so use to them tearing it up it don’t even affect me anymore

— LeShawn (@_GotemCoach) March 14, 2013

according to Twitter, my followers are unhappy that Fort Bragg is playing Army at 2316.

— Jared Stoltz (@jaredstoltzsays) March 14, 2013

And many more on Twitter expressed their gratitude.

How can you get angry at Fort Bragg for keeping you awake, their keeping you alive.

— Blue(Jay) (@blujayy_) March 14, 2013

Okay I’m so over hearing people complain about Fort Bragg making a lot of noise. They’re doing it for you, idiot.

— Courtney Haire (@c_leighann) March 14, 2013

Fort Bragg is trending cuz they’re being loud. Let them do their thing, that’s the SOUND OF FREEDOM!

— That NC State Guy (@ThatNCStateGuy) March 14, 2013


Another possible explanation:

A special forces guy from fort Bragg was killed in Afghanistan. They were probably shooting those off in honor of him… #respect

— Troy Schultingkemper (@Schultingkemper) March 14, 2013


The Defense Department has released the names of North Carolina and Georgia-based soldiers killed in Afghanistan.

The Pentagon says the soldiers died Monday in Jalrez District, Afghanistan when they were attacked by small arms fire.

Twenty-eight-year-old Capt. Andrew M. Pedersen-Keel, of South Miami, Fla., was one of those killed. Pedersen-Keel was assigned to the 1st Battalion, 3rd Special Forces Group at Fort Bragg.

God bless Capt. Pedersen-Keel — and all our troops. Bring the noise.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/03/13/bring-the-noise-why-is-fort-bragg-trending-on-twitter/

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