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Callous: Obama refers to murdered Americans in Libya as ‘bumps in the road’


Yep. That’s how unreality-based President Obama referred to the bloody mess in Libya and the American casualties of this administration’s deadly dereliction of duty on 60 Minutes last night. Here’s the video:

VIDEO: @BarackObama says attacks in Libya and Egypt are just "Bumps In The Road" http://t.co/LgfL76nb #ObamaIsntWorking #tcot

— RomneyResponse (@RomneyResponse) September 24, 2012

And here’s more of the swift and sharp reaction:

On 60 Minutes, Obama calls the events in Libya and Egypt "bumps in the road." Would think a terrorist attack is little more than a bump.

— Joe Pounder (@PounderFile) September 24, 2012

Obama camp claims “bumps in the road” wasnt about Benghazi attack when question specifically referenced “recent events in the Middle East”

— Andrea Saul (@andreamsaul) September 24, 2012

Obama on @60Minutes: Terrorists kill 4 Americans, says it's "bumps in the road." Israeli concerns about Iranian nukes "noise." Shameful.

— Liz Cheney (@Liz_Cheney) September 24, 2012

@Liz_Cheney @60Minutes Brian Terry was another one of Obama's "bumps in the road".

— Jason Willoughby (@jpwilloughby) September 24, 2012

unemployed ppl are also a 'bump in the road' to economic recovery according to Prez @jpwilloughby @Liz_Cheney @60Minutes

— ComfyPaws™ (@ComfyPaws) September 24, 2012

RT @RNCResearch: They Said It! Obama Describes Attacks In Libya And Egypt As Just 'Bumps In The Road' http://t.co/AJMV2nMx

— RNC (@GOP) September 24, 2012

….'Bumps in the road'- You gotta be sh#ttin me.

— JT_Simenov (@eville_parole) September 24, 2012

@GOP @RNCResearch next they'll say 9/11 was a yield sign, these remarks are a sad day for our Goverment.

— Poison Politics (@PoisonPolitics) September 24, 2012

The one road sign that sums up this corrupt and incompetent White House?


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