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Can’t Get Enough Creepiness In Your Life? This App Makes Horror Stories Way Too Real

If you love all things creepy as much as I do, no amount of scary movies or stories is enough to satisfy your hunger for horror.

Having grown up on a steady diet of unsettling tales, I’m always on the lookout for content that will feed my addiction by freaking me out. That’s why I couldn’t been happier about coming across a phone application that provides plenty of short stories to keep you up at night. What’s interesting about the app, called “Hooked – Chat Stories,” is that its spooky tales come in the format of text conversations that make them seem way too real.

To test the creepy factor, I decided to dive into a story myself. Here’s how it went.

Once you enter the app, you tap on a story and you become a witness to a conversation between two characters by receiving the messages they send to each other every time you tap “next.” If you don’t finish a story before you exit out, it even gives you notifications that look like incoming texts on your phone.

Corinne Sanders / ViralNova

Creepily enough, I had started a Hooked story and exited out while covering a news report about a baby who tragically died…and then I got a notification from the app reading, “That poor baby!” It was a huge coincidence, of course (at least I hope so), but it definitely shows that it does a good job of giving you an immersive experience.

Corinne Sanders / ViralNova

You can check out one of the stories for yourself by watching the video below.

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