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‘Celebrity Rehab’ backlash; Richard Marx likens Dr. Drew to Kevorkian


Singer Richard Marx subsequently deleted the tweet and apologized for going “too far.”

I went too far with the Kevorkian crack. It is, however, my opinion that what Dr. D does is exploitation and his TV track record is not good

— Richard Marx (@richardmarx) February 18, 2013

But, his point is something others are bringing up on Twitter today. As we reported this morning, country star Mindy McCready died last night, in an apparent suicide. Her last tweets were haunting, and Twitter quickly rallied to mourn her loss. Her death is now sparking a conversation about Dr. Drew Pinsky and his reality show, “Celebrity Rehab.”

Celebrity Rehab, guys. cc: @drdrew RT @buzzfeednews: Country singer Mindy McCready shot & killed herself tonight, leaving behind 2 boys.

— Jensen Karp (@JensenClan88) February 18, 2013

Ms. McCready appeared on that show, and she isn’t the only cast member who has died.

How many celebrity rehab show patients have died now? At least 4, right?

— Kathleen McKinley (@KatMcKinley) February 18, 2013

It is actually five.

Um did I just read w/McCready’s death that makes five ‘Celebrity Rehab’ deaths? Hopefully that show is no longer airing. Horrible.

— LilMissRightie (F) (@LilMissRightie) February 18, 2013

Mindy McCready is the 5th patient that appeared on ‘Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew’ and later died. @drdrew

— Joe ‘Monk’ Pardavila (@joepardavila) February 18, 2013

“Singer Mindy McCready is the 5th alum of ‘Celebrity Rehab’ to die.” – yhoo.it/YrXKig ~ #PinskyFail

— Adam Baldwin (@adamsbaldwin) February 18, 2013

Three cast members from her season alone have now died.

Mindy McCready is the 5th ‘Celebrity Rehab’ alum to die. The 3rd from her season alone. That’s crazy.

— J (@JessGoesBlue) February 18, 2013

Richard Marx continued to question Dr. Drew’s reality-show-based treatments.

@tannenbaumr Yeah, but any “support” group where 5 members die or kill themselves in less than as many years screams “NEW DOCTOR!”

— Richard Marx (@richardmarx) February 18, 2013

@tannenbaumr And any doctor who attaches himself to reality tv is knowingly blurring the lines between treatment and ratings.

— Richard Marx (@richardmarx) February 18, 2013

Some point out that deaths from drug addiction aren’t suprising, sadly.

yes, 5 of his patients have died since celebrity rehab started – but find me any rehab doctor anywhere who magically cures all his addicts..

— Maggie O’Reilly (@maggieeeo) February 18, 2013

why does everyone get mad at dr. drew when someone from celebrity rehab dies? MOST ADDICTS DIE, PEOPLE. its not his fault.

— Maggie O’Reilly (@maggieeeo) February 18, 2013

@realityblurred I don’t blame Dr. Drew, but I think the show is awful.

— mjsbigblog (@mjsbigblog) February 18, 2013

I don’t think these shows are a good idea, but doubt they make suicide much more likely for these folks: buzzfeed.com/kateaurthur/mi…

— AG (@AG_Conservative) February 18, 2013

Dr. Drew gave a statement to BuzzFeed.

“I am deeply saddened by this awful news. My heart goes out to Mindy’s family and children. She is a lovely woman who will be missed by many. Although I have not treated her for few years, I had reached out to her recently upon hearing about the apparent suicide of her boyfriend and father of her younger children. She was devastated. Although she was fearful of stigma and ridicule she agreed with me that she needed to make her health and safety a priority. Unfortunately it seems that Mindy did not sustain her treatment.

Mental health issues can be life threatening and need to be treated with the same intensity and resources as any other dangerous potentially life threatening medical condition. Treatment is effective. If someone you know is suffering please be sure he or she gets help and maintains treatment.”

Readers can judge the statement for themselves. But, many on Twitter agree with Richard Marx, and question the efficacy of Dr. Drew and his public, reality-show based rehab.

@melissacarter I’m really not sure anymore.He used to be fairly reputable.Then Celebrity rehab happened.

— Leigh Ann (@darkfire007) February 18, 2013

Is it time to unplug ‘Celebrity Rehab’ TV Show? (Mindy McCready’s death makes her the 5th patient to have died after appearing).

— ZipPulse (@ZipPulse) February 18, 2013

. @drdrew is to saving addicts what @gordonramsay01 is to saving restaurants. 140 not enough to hash tag the failures. Mindy McCready latest

— Doug Stanhope (@DougStanhope) February 18, 2013

Mindy McCready’s death offers more proof that Celebrity Rehab isn’t the place to address one’s mental health issues. bit.ly/YhhROj

— Diane Brady (@dianebrady) February 18, 2013

Mindy McCready becomes 5th ‘Celebrity Rehab’ death. What’s up with that @drdrew? Maybe the show isn’t such a great idea…?

— Connie (@SellutionsInc) February 18, 2013

another celeb rehab cast member dies.. I think it’s time to pull the plug on @drdrew ppl with addictions need GOD not to b exploited @drdrew

— I’m coolin (@JeffJohn13) February 18, 2013

Re: #McCready death. 5th celeb rehab celeb to pass. Can’t help but think Dr. Drew may be more effective w/o whoring patients on tv.

— Ken Nahl (@ken_nahl) February 18, 2013

@cbsnews maybe Dr. Drew needs to get more help or just play a doctor rather than being one. Maybe rehab needs to be off air? Rehab and TV 👎

— Taylor Lyon (@gotaylorgo) February 18, 2013

Mindy McCready becomes 5th ‘Celebrity Rehab’ death…it’s as though that entire show is just about publicity.

— Chris Bendlak (@DonZillaInc) February 18, 2013

@etonlinealert stardom and celebrity status is the cause of their condition why exploit their rehab! #DefeatingThePurpose

— Jimmy Hernandez (@CallMeJimH) February 18, 2013

Dear Dr Drew. Since Mindy McCready makes for the 5th #CelebrityRehab death, I don’t think your show is working.#Tragic

— The Kelly McKay Show (@KellyMcKayShow) February 18, 2013


Exploitation for profit at what expense?

Celebrity rehab clearly a joke. 5 participants have died. Making a mockery of people’s problems, selling itto the fools who watch.

— Andrew (@todayhemingway) February 18, 2013

To Ms. McCready’s family, and her two young, and now motherless children, it’s clearly not a joke.

Our prayers continue to be with her loved ones.

My heart goes out to the families who suffer most in the wake of the failure to save souls like Mindy McCready.

— Richard Marx (@richardmarx) February 18, 2013


Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/02/18/mindy-mccreadys-death-sparks-celebrity-rehab-backlash-richard-marx-likens-dr-drew-to-kevorkian/

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